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Why Young Living

Why do I choose Young Living?


I am not a salesperson by nature. I am an educator.

I don’t believe everything everyone tells me.

And people have told me a lot.

I do my research.

If you’re not new to essential oils you may know that there is some,  shall we say, tension (that is putting it mildly for some people) between certain oil companies. I personally do not buy into that mess. I do my research and then I make my decision based on that and prayer. That’s me. It’s how I work. I don’t judge other companies and I do not talk badly about them. If you’re here looking for a good Therapeutic essential oil company, it is my suggestion you do the same. And once you make your decision remember that it’s your decision. No one else’s. Be okay with that. And smile. 😀


Here are a few reasons why I chose Young Living 4 years ago and I still choose them today.


1. Dr. Gary Young began Young Living for the right reasons.

He began developing his oils to use in his practice of Naturopathic Medicine for his clients well being. This was a prayerful time for him as there “were no accessible references on the chemistry of therapeutic oils, or on how they worked on the body and mind to bring about healing,” stated by Dr. David Stewert, author of ‘The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple. God’s Love manifest in Molecules.” Dr. David Stewert goes on to quote Dr. Young as stating, “I studied the chemistry of oils through prayer.”

He studied them through prayer.

2. The Purity of Young Living’s Oils.

They only sell 100% Therapeutic grade oils. It was recently brought to my attention that some people don’t believe there are therapeutic oils. I strongly disagree. I never believe what anyone tells me until I do a crazy amount of some research. My advice is to do the same. Don’t take my word on it. Research.

3. Young Living’s “Seed to Seal,” promise. Young Living has control and watches over their oils literally from seed to seal, at all farms.

4.Their experience and distillation process.

(You can even go visit a farm and watch the distillation process yourself!)

4. Young Living has farms all over the globe, verses other companies that have them only in the United States.

As I did my research I noted that other companies were proud of the fact that their oils all came from America. Now, I am proud to be an American but I am also smart enough to know that plants will thrive best in their natural origin. If I want the purest oils, you can bet I want the ones that grow where God intended them to grow. Before Dr. Gary Young’s passing he personally watched over the growth, harvest and distillation process of all his farms. He also had a team in place to help him. They are who is continuing his work today.

5. Unadulterated oils.

(This is kind of a second part to #2 “Pure Oils,” but I felt it needed it’s own mention because it’s a pretty big deal.)

After hearing of a certain lawsuit about a competitors lavender causing severe allergic reactions due to it being adulterated, I immediately began researching. You see, at the time I was using that very brand of oils. (on my children) I lived in an area where almost everyone used that particular companies oils so I began asking people what their experience with those oils were.

“If in doubt, ask the people.”

I did not tell anyone about the lawsuit until after they talked to me about their experience with said company’s oils. At that time I had never used Young Living and was planning on purchasing a Starter kit from the accused company. Before I did, I wanted to know if there was any validity to the accusations. Like I said, I don’t just believe everything I read. So, I asked tons of people what their experiences had been using different oils from that company. What I found was that people were indeed having allergic reactions using the accuseds oils. After hearing stories from multiple people, I knew that I wasn’t interested in taking that risk with my own family.

That company spoke often about how they had very pure of oils. And this wasn’t some cheap company. It’s oils are very close in price with Young Living. I was shocked. And honestly still am.

6. Last but definitely not least, prayer.

I prayed about it. My husband prayed about it. God answered and here we are and God is blessing us. I pray He blesses you too!