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Why I Love Chickens


10 Reasons why I love Chickens

1. Cheap organic eggs (of course)

2. Baby Chicks are adorable and so sweet, pasty butts and all! I love how they will fall asleep in your hand when you hold them up to your face.

3. They’re smart little birds and each one has their own personality.


4. They are funny birds! I think some of mine are comedians.


We have one that tosses her food like it’s a game.

5. Their sweet little sounds are calming.

6. I love how they all come running when I call them. They know my voice and they know I love them. Okay, maybe they know I bring them treats. lol


7. Chasing a chicken to hold is great exercise for my kiddos!


8. I love to pet them. Their feathers are so soft!

9. They are appreciative of their food. Watching them steal food from each other makes me laugh. Most of the time one will snatch something from another one and run off like she just won the lottery. In this picture they were all on their best behavior. I think they knew they were being photographed.


10. They are sweet, sweet birds. Their only request is food, fresh water, and love. I can do that.