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When a 4 yr. old Dresses Themselves

This my friends, is sometimes what happens when my four year old dresses herself.

Hmmm… I told her that she couldn’t just wear her tights even though they are crazy thick. I didn’t mention that I wasn’t too fond of the black tights with the purple shirt. She was so proud of her outfit. I figured it was one of those moments I should just keep my opinions to myself.

This is the end result after she finished her outfit and mommy fixed her hair. Check out that smile!

And for an added bonus her little sister snuck in the picture.

The end result, albeit being better than the first try at her outfit, was still not what I would have chosen.
A child is only 4 years old once.
I say, wear those black tights kiddo and enjoy being little.
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  • Phyllis Blickensderfer November 21, 2013, 11:08 pm

    My great-grands are going through that stage – one just starting, the other has some experience. No, I would not have picked what they do – but we didn’t have those in the dark ages. As long as what they choose comes from their own closet (filled with parental supervision – I know!) go for it!

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