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What’s up Doc? Rabbits in my garden?

Okay, so this is a new one for us.


In our garden.


Back in Idaho when we lived on 2 acres with our animals we had a pretty nice size garden and we loved it! It served us so well, providing all kinds of yummy foods for us like zucchini, tomatoes and pie pumpkins to name a few. (Oh how we loved our homemade pumpkin pie that was made with our home grown pumpkins)

We learned a lot with those gardens. We battled pests. Some we won and some we lost.

But we learned. A lot.

Still, apparently not enough.

*picture courtesy of urbangardencausal.com*

Just the other day I happened to glance out our window and I saw a cute little bunny. My first thought was, “awwww,” not “Oh no… my garden!” But from what I’m reading and hearing it should have been the latter. Apparently those little cuties can take out an entire garden in one night! O.O For real? Wow. I still have so much to learn.

And I love it! 🙂

So guess what we’re going to be doing?

Yep, building a little fence around our garden to keep those wild rabbits out.

Till next time on, “As the garden grows.” lol


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