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We’re Moving


Sometimes life throws you a curve ball.

This has happened to us multiple times. This one however … well, it’s left my family in a lot of pain and has us calling out to God even louder. It’s times like these when I teach my children not to question our Father in heaven but instead that we need to grab His promises to us and hold on to them tightly.

With that being said, our move down south will have to wait a little longer, sadly. I’d be lying to say that we’re not used to this already. I’m starting to think Idaho loves me and my vivacious southern soul and doesn’t want to let me go. In the mean time we are moving to a new home on less land. Having farm animals had been so much fun and we’re all sad about not having them anymore but we’re excited about what our future holds. We’re so grateful that God blessed us with land and animals, enabling us to know for sure that we indeed want to purchase our forever earthly home on land.

As for now, we are moving very quickly so we are extremely busy. Physically, my body is strained. The past few years have been hard on me. Candida has overridden my body again. I’m so grateful to Plexus supplements for helping me get through my last pregnancy. As sick as my body is now I can’t imagine if I wouldn’t have had them.

So now I will pray that the move isn’t too hard on me and then my focus will be solely on losing all the flubber baby weight I haven’t been able to lose in 9 years. And healing my body. I’ll be focusing on healing my adrenals…my thyroid…and ridding my body of the severe yeast overgrowth that’s wreaking havoc on me.

It’s time to up my ProBio5 and kick that mess to the curb. I’m over it! Want to join me?

Until next time…

All glory be to God who is worthy to be praised!

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  • Madison March 23, 2016, 8:05 pm

    I love you!!!!!

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