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We’re all moved in… an Update


We’re all unpacked moved in finally so I thought it was a good time for an update.

I would tell y’all that things have been crazy here but if you’ve followed my blog at all then you probably already assume that. All in all, the move went smoothly, albeit really fast.


Being in a subdivision verses being on land has been a bit of an adjustment but honestly I can’t complain. God put us in a nice area.

And look…. our house came with pretty blue flowers. 🙂

Spring is in full bloom here in Idaho. My baby boys are growing like weeds.

Check them out. Aren’t they cute!


Sweet Joshua. Gosh he’s such an awesome kid!

And look at my newest. He’s almost 3 months already. Can you even believe it?!


I don’t know if you can tell from the pictures but both boys recently got their first hair cuts. Joshua was scared at first but his daddy figured out how to relax him and then all was well. His hair is soooo cute now! This was mine and my husbands first time having a boy that needed a hair cut. It was so weird yet so cool!


I love being a mom to boys already!

Unpacking has been a challenge to say the least since I have two baby boys. My teenager and I have been tag teaming it with them. She and I have both learned how to hold them at the same time. *This is an art, y’all!* I’ve also learned to carry the tiny one in my Ergo and the other on my hip. Thank God for my Ergo! And thank God for my daughter. It’s because of her I get to use the rr. 🙂 And she’s totally a natural with babies.

The boys adore her!


So … as the weather is getting warmer, life is blooming all over.

My kids are not the only things growing.

So is my Plexus business.


I love sharing health with people. It is the best job ever!

As for me and my health, I’m in the beginning stages of healing after having two kiddos in 10 months. I’ve got quite a bit of weight to lose and my adrenals and thyroid aren’t the happiest with me right now but I assume that soon they’ll begin forgiving me since I’m now giving them more attention and trying to love up on them so they’ll heal.

How am I doing that, you ask? lol

For starters, I’m trying to eat as healthy as I can. I’m also making sure that I’m taking my Plexus supplements regularly as to balance my body.

Our life has been pretty tough recently and I won’t lie, I wasn’t taking them properly.

Life happens.

Curious about what I take? Here’s a sample. This is what I take before bed.

2 BioCleanse/ 3ProBio5/ 2 MegaX


Did I mention I have lost almost 5 lbs in the last two weeks?

*I’ll be doing a new YouTube video soon about my weight loss/Plexus journey. Subscribe to my page if you want to come along and walk my journey with me. You can also find me on FB*

I’ve also made the personal decision to go sugar free. I have Candida and want it gone so I’ve been SF for almost 3 weeks now. With me not having sugar my body is starving the Candida while my supplements are killing it!

Yay! Win for me!

I’ve also just started drinking Trim Healthy Mama’s “Singing Canary,” which is supposed to help with adrenal fatigue. I had wanted to try this for years but was overwhelmed when I read the recipe. I finally just jumped in and I’m so glad I did! For one, everyone that said it tastes like Sunny D was right! And secondly it’s really not that difficult to make and it’s totally worth it. That bad boy has 1 tsp of turmeric and you can’t even taste it! If you have the recipe, yes I added essential oil. Although I’m a YL Distributor and can sell, I’m not actively selling but I am totally actively using my oils! 🙂

Look how pretty this drink is!


Well y’all, that’s my update for now. I hope you’re enjoying your spring!

Until next time…

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