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Welcome Summer! (w/pictures)


Warmer temperatures have arrived in Idaho!

Thank you, Jesus! This southern Mama can’t be happier about that. We’re super excited about summer getting here for a couple of reasons. First off, the warmth, of course! Secondly we are really looking forward to Fall and Christmas time this year! Warmer temps mean that we’re closer to cooler temps!

Yes, you just read me say I was looking forward to cooler temperatures. I know. I know. How weird is that! And you’re right, it is. I assure you that I have a good reason for my sudden temperature insanity. lol


Even with our new found appreciation for the upcoming cold season here in Idaho we have totally embraced all the sun and warmth.

Thank you Lord for the beautiful weather!!!


My babies are growing up.


They’re so sweet together! These two are 22 1/2 months apart.

The next two are my Irish Twins. If you’re new to my Blog, they’re 10 months and 21 days apart.


With 7 kids my hands are full, but as the saying goes, so is my heart.

This year was Joshua’s first time playing with water.


He wasn’t too sure of what to think. lol Sweet boy.


His sisters however, had a blast!

Can you tell?! lol



We have all been thrilled with the weather.



Until next time…


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