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Week 22…The Bradley Method, The Brewers Diet, and Home Birth



I can’t believe I’m already 22 weeks pregnant with this baby boy. What a blessing!

Not much has changed with me physically in the last couple of weeks other than that I can feel this little one moving more which just makes my heart swell.

Mentally though I have been moving and going. Along side getting ready for Christmas I have been in prayer about where I want to give birth with this baby. I have delivered 6 babies in hospitals. Some experiences were okay and some were not… at all. I’ve had doctors and I’ve had a certified nurse midwife. I’ve had babies with epiderals and babies without.

You could say I’ve been around the block a little when it comes to pregnancy and delivery.

After much prayer we have decided to go with a very qualified midwife and have a home birth. Being a product of the medical industry I went ahead and seeked care from my Ob staff the first part of the pregnancy. I had two ultrasounds with my doctor and then a 3rd one for diagnostic purposes at almost 20 weeks. I also had all the initial blood work drawn.

Baby and I both look good!


So off to a new route for me.

Before we made up our mind, I called and talked to local home birth midwives. God led me to one that was Christian and just from talking to her on the phone I knew I would want to meet her. So off I went in search of what questions I should ask her when we had our “interview” with her.

I had a rather large list and she answered every question perfectly. She is highly experienced and is able to take care of the medical necessities that I was concerned may arrive should she need to. I loved this.

The next week we had our 20 week routine diagnostic ultrasound and our baby boy looked great so it was time to make a decision. I prayed some more and had my first real appointment with the midwife. She was just as wonderful as I had remembered. And quite honestly, she did exactly what they do at my OB appt’s. The only difference was that she spent over an hour and a half with us. O.O No Ob in the world will do that!

So there it is… the decision has been made. God put this baby in my womb and God will get him out with the assistance of my midwife, her assistant and my husband. (Unless baby boy decides to come fast and with just Daddy and I. I’ve heard it happens sometimes)

Overnight child care has been arranged for all of my girls with a close friend of ours and even our dog, should I not put the dog in a doggy hotel.

God-willing this baby boy will be born peacefully at home surrounded by love and caught by his daddy.


Now that the decision has been made I am in research mode, which I love when it comes to birthing and babies in general!

This week my “Husband Coached Childbirth” book will arrive and right now I’m reading “Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth.”

I’ve already read “Unassisted Child Birth” and am skimming over it again since we want to be prepared just in case this little one arrives before my midwife. I have been known to go pretty fast with a few. With me not being forced to lie on my back I have no idea what to expect.  We will also both be learning basic skills should an issue arrise and we are alone. However, I would assume we won’t be. Either way, as my father used to say, “An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.”

I eat well. I exercise. I monitor my own blood sugar and will be buying a blood pressure cuff too.

I am not high risk even though I’m 38 years old.

And I have a glorious God!

Pregnancy is a blessing, not a sickness. I have found people that are for home birth and people that are totally against it. There are good stories and bad ones. In the end it is a choice.

So today I cancelled my doctors appointment and don’t plan on making another one unless I suddenly become high risk.

It’s time for a change. 🙂 And I’m excited! So is my husband!

Now, back to Christmas prep. lol

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