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THM’s Muffin in a Bowl Kristy’s Way



Once upon a time I did Trim Healthy Mama full time and one day I will do it again because it’s a healthy way of fueling your body.

For now though, I am on a THM break.

Why? Well, to answer that would be its own Blog post. Eating right for your body 100% of the time takes dedication. It takes will power. And my friends, it takes work. None of which I am afraid of.

So why no THM for awhile?

Because I have Adrenal Fatigue and Thyroid issues.

Trying hard and not losing weight can be heartbreaking and that is where I was, even after losing 17 lbs. in the beginning of my journey. I prayed. My husband prayed and we decided that as I heal, my new motto will be ‘no pressure,’ when it comes to eating. Eat healthy, yes! Go grab a Starbucks Decaf Mocha with my hubby if he invites me on a little date, Yes!

FP Muffin in a Bowl’s for breakfast? Yes! Yes!

Even though I’m not doing THM right now, I am still mostly eating healthy and I use their recipes and what they taught me.

To make the delicious FP Muffin in a Bowl above, it’s simple! Your first step is turning to page 258 and making a chocolaty Muffin in a Bowl. You will also need to have some THM vanilla pudding ready. (page 366) I add 1 scoop of Vanilla Whey Protein powder to mine while making it and it makes it even yummier!!!

1. Cook your Muffin in a Bowl.

2. Put it onto plate and leave the chocolaty goodness left behind in the bowl just for a  second.

3. Place a generous dab of Vanilla Pudding onto Muffin.

4. Now, spoon the ooey, gooey chocolaty goodness you saved in the bowl right on top.

When I’m in need of even more chocolate I also like to add some Sugar Free chocolate chips. So yummy!





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  • Phyllis Blickensderfer May 30, 2014, 2:48 pm

    Remember – you are much more active doing farm work than household work == and muscle weighs more than fat in our bodies.

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