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These are the Days of my Life: Update

God is good…  ALL the time.

Over the past few weeks we had some good news and some not so good news.

I’ll start with the good news first. If you’re friends with me on FB you’ve already heard. If not, here you go.

Were you expecting this???


For real! You read that right! God has blessed us with another boy! O.O Can you see the shock on my face?? After all those girls the Lord is giving me not only 1 but 2 sons!

Wow, just wow!  God totally answered a prayer I hadn’t even asked.

After Joshua was born I mentioned to my hubby that I kind of wished that Joshua would have had a twin brother so he would have a buddy. My hubby said the usual he says, “Hey, we could have another boy next time.” Men… lol I said no and that I was pretty sure Joshua was our last. (I know, I know. Maybe it was the “I just had a baby and I’m getting old hormones talking.” lol) And then low and behold here I am, not only pregnant again but pregnant with a boy AND he and Joshua will be Irish twins! They will be less than 1 year apart!!!

God hears, y’all!

K, so now that you had my awesome update. Here’s my poopy one. Blah.

I’ll start it with something good and I’ll keep it short.

1. Found a new Midwife (that works with an awesome doctor) and a new hospital

2. I ask my new sweet Midwife if she would test for MTHFR.

(a blood clotting disorder I was told I have that I knew relatively nothing about)

Midwife is awesome. She orders test.

3. Midwife offers me to take a MaterniT test

(I think that’s what it’s called. It checks for issues with the baby. And in that test they also test for a little something called the Y chromosome. 😉 Hence is how we know the gender.)

MaterniT test comes back AWESOME!

4. MTHFR test… not so much. It appears that I have a 2 gene mutation. Lovely. What does that mean for me?

In one word… Lovenox.

I now have to take one shot a day. By my 35 week I will switch to Heparin twice a day. Joy Joy… I’m glad I have a husband willing to give me the shots. I would do it if I had to but I’d rather not.

5. I also found out that there is something that might help me not go into premature labor. And low and behold… would you ever believe that that handy dandy stuff comes in shots too? LOL Why yes, yes it does. So approx my 24th week I will add those bad boys to my daily routine.

Whatever it takes to have a healthy baby, right!

My boys are giving me crazy pregnancies, I tell you. O.O They’re so worth it though!

With that I’ll leave you with a picture of my little lovey, Joshua.

He has me wrapped. I can’t wait to meet his brother!

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