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The Return of Tinsel McBiggles…

In my last post I said to be continued…

And here we are with the much anticipated return of our family’s Elf on the Shelf,


TinselNgt1Night 1

(Our 6 year old had set out a pretend hot cocoa and cookies on our table for him. She also drew him a picture of a “new friend” for him. Looks like Tinsel found her kind gifts!)

My kiddos (all that are above the age of 2) know that Tinsel is a toy.


Our family also loves to play and pretend and Tinsel is one of our favorite Christmas Traditions!

Each year the kids, and honestly mom and dad too, look forward to his return.

He even has a Facebook page!

What can I say? He’s a creative little fellow. 🙂

TinselNgt2oneNight 2

Want to Follow Tinsel’s Facebook page?

Click the below picture.


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