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The Lucky Mom…


Psalm 113:9 He maketh the barren woman to keep house, and to be a joyful mother of children. Praise Ye the Lord.

After 7 years straight of infertility and loss the LORD made me, the barren woman, to keep house and to be the mother of children, many children.


She holds their hands.

She drys their tears.

She does all she can to vanish their fears.

Her time is not of her own.

She rarely sleeps, even when they’re grown.

Her heart is knit to her baby’s souls.

She’s their mom, their friend, their cook, their nurse.

The kisser of boo boo’s. The healer of hurts.

The teller of Jesus, the giver of love.

She was chosen for each one of them by God up above.

Her body is tired but her heart is full.

The days may be short & the nights may be long.

But this mom knows to love each moment… for one day they’ll be grown.

Though sometimes tired and weary, this mom knows her blessings & all that they hold.

The Lucky Mom … from when she is young until she is old.



I am tired.
I’m worn.

I now have 7 children who need me, each one wanting their mommy. From the youngest to the oldest I am needed. And having two baby’s just under 11 months a part has proven to be interesting. I find myself wishing I had more than two arms. Although, I have to say that I’ve been doing pretty good holding both during the girls nap time, as the first picture I posted shows.



I am blessed.

I am also tired. Really tired. And I’m stressed. Really stressed thanks to the military and some of the higher ups lack of care for the families of the enlisted. I haven’t been able to eat well. And if you’ve followed my blog for any period of time you know I am not happy about this. I know it’s only for a season but I also know the effects of unhealthy foods. I thank God for Plexus and yet as I always say, Plexus isn’t a miracle. They are supplements, life changing supplements. However, they do not change pizza into chicken breast. :/ Bummer…. Anyway, ‘Give yourself grace,’ I say like I would to a close friend.

And yet I don’t offer the same to myself.

Honesty hurts, y’all.

My heart is heavy right now. Our life is in limbo and I miss my parents… so much.

I am that Lucky Mom I wrote about above. And yet I hurt inside.

I don’t always feel so lucky.

So today I chose to write about my baby’s, my blessings.

Do you need a reminder of your blessings? Is life weighing on you like it is me? If so, today I’m praying for you, my readers who are hurting and need a reminder.

Hugs from one Lucky Mom to another…

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