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The Bulge in my Bed


Ah, the ever-changing chapters of life.

At 39 years of age I have already been through quite a few. However, never before have I experienced one like this one.

This, my friends…. is a first for me.

Finding out I was pregnant at only 2 months post partum didn’t only have my jaw on the floor. It also had my hands up in the air praising our God and my knees down on the ground begging for His help.

I’ll be 20 weeks pregnant in a few days, 5 months. Joshua is 7 months old today. So what does my life look like?

*See above picture* 😉

Not only is my belly getting larger by the day but my bed has taken on a new form.

The days of tummy sleeping are once again behind me but that’s okay. And little Joshua is still my bedside partner. Soon we will be bringing his crib in our room so that his little brother can sleep in the co-sleeper. After his stay in the NICU baby Joshua still gets frightened waking up without me or his daddy there. Our eldest daughter told me it was going to feel like I had twins. Hm, I guess the term “Irish Twins” holds true to both words in our family. Ours are Irish baby boys and will be close like twins.

On a side note: After all the years of being surrounded by so many girls I do find it odd that every night I sleep surrounded by 3 males. God has a sense of humor for sure!

God is also still in the business of working miracles. According to my Ob, my hubby and I “beat the odds.” After as many of one gender as we’ve had it seems it’s believed to be impossible to have the opposite gender. And once again… God trumps mans knowledge.

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