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Thanksgiving Quinn style :)

Turkey is one of those things I am thankful for. My family eats a lot of turkey, typically ground. We use it instead of ground beef. It is cheaper and not as fattening. Even with all the turkey we eat, we don’t typically eat whole turkeys until Thanksgiving and we look forward to them all year long. The above turkeys were a blessing from God this year.

Speaking of that… did you notice how expensive turkeys were? Crazy.

This year I had multiple kiddos wanting wings. Hmmm… There are only two on a normal turkey. If there are more than two on a turkey I don’t want any part of it. O.O lol

As our loving Father would have it He provided us with two smaller turkeys this year for free. One we got from Albertsons when we spent $100 and the other from a local grocery store because we are a “valued customer.” I guess spending money has its perks every now and then. In a perfect world I would have been slaughtering my own turkeys. One day, God willing.

Those two fit perfectly in my roaster. I was worried for no reason. God always knows better than us!

Our day began with a really fattening, yummy breakfast called Cinnamon French Toast bake. I made homemade white bread, a treat for our family, the day before. I don’t make a lot of white bread.

It’s perfect for Thanksgiving because you prepare it the night before.

It is really good and I repeat… really fattening!

The rest of the day was filled with fun and silliness while the food cooked. Mackynzie, my little two year old, was an actress that day. She is following in her sisters footsteps and is quite the comedian.

She asked her sister to put the bandanna on. Kynzie thought she was funny and was purposely not smiling. I tried to get her to smile and she just nodded no, staying in character.
 She cracks me up. And apparently she found herself funny too.
Finally it was dinner time and boy were the girls excited!
One of my kiddos was trying to decide what piece of turkey she wanted.
Wing or drumstick? Wing or drumstick? Wing or Drumstick?
 This was apparently very stressful for her. LOL
The day ended with pie and us decorating for Christmas. There are no pictures of the homemade pies I made nor is there any pie left. Hmm… LOL That was some good pie! hahaha And no, it wasn’t diet. I don’t do healthy on Thanksgiving.
And that night was the much anticipated return of Tinsel McBiggles.
Let the Christmas Season begin…
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  • Phyllis Blickensderfer December 3, 2013, 2:24 am

    Isn’t is marvelous how He provides what we need, when we need it? May your Christmas be as blessed.

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