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Surprise! Our Goat was Pregnant and we didn’t know it!


When we bought or two Nubian sisters back in May the previous owners told us that the goats would be ready to breed this Fall.

Imagine our surprise when we found this a few days ago.

At first I thought maybe our neighbors had a baby goat get out. And then I took a closer look and saw afterbirth.

We were all in shock!

A couple days ago a vet came by and took a look at Clove’s sister, Nutmeg, who is looking a little swollen herself.

And what did he say?

Nutmeg is pregnant and should be having her baby within the month!!!!!


Never a dull moment living on our little homestead, I tell you!

We are all super excited about the new babies!

I was a little worried about Clove’s new baby since we had no idea her mama was pregnant, but she is doing really well! She’s adorable, active, and a happy kid. Now she’s just waiting for a name.

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