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SF BBQ Baked Chicken & SF Coleslaw (THMS)


My family loves BBQ!

Loves it!

We’re from Texas y’all. It’s kind of a thing. lol

Anyway, it may be winter but as far as we’re concerned BBQ is good any time of the year. Esp. when you can have delicious sugar free BBQ sauce and sugar free coleslaw.

Whoop Whoop!



Can you say Yummy!


How about SF BBQ beans?


So how did I accomplish this tasty dinner?

It was easy!

Years ago when Trim Healthy Mama was brand new my husband was really hungry for BBQ sauce and he said, “Hey, why don’t you make their ketsup and add Liquid Smoke (We use Hickory Flavor) to it to make BBQ sauce? I said sure and our life has never been the same as far as BBQ is concerned!

When making the BBQ sauce, simply make Trim Healthy Mama’s ketsup and add 2 Tbsp. of Liquid Hickory smoke and Voila! Super yummy SF BBQ sauce. My entire family loves it!

So how about the Coleslaw?


I took the easy way out bought a pre-made bag of cut coleslaw veggies at Walmart. To make the creamy sweet yumminess I mixed together Grapeseed Vegenaise, Apple Cider Vinegar & pure white stevia (to taste).  You could use any kind of mayo as well as vinegar.  It’s up all up to you what you use. 🙂 If you’re in desperate need of measurements I apologize. I’m a mom of a large group and was rushing so I just winged it. My advice is to take it slow and trust yourself. Start with a half a cup of mayo and 1-2 Tbsp vinger. Then take it from there. Add what you need to get it to where you like it.

For the beans I grabbed two cans of organic pinto beans (what I had on hand), drained them and then poured some SF BBQ sauce over them, added a little garlic and salt because my beans weren’t seasoned and then I stirred and heated them. That’s all I did and my kids and hubby loved them!

Easy and super yummy.

Sugar free and Gluten free to boot!

I could almost smell summer. And then I looked outside and saw snow. lol

Till next time…


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