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Saying Goodbye to the Puppies


This December we welcomed Abby’s 6 puppies into the world and this week it was time to say goodbye to 4 of them. That my friends, wasn’t easy on any of us.



(The girls gathering around to tell the first two puppies to go goodbye before their new family picked them up. These two little guys were blessed and got to go together to the same family!)


These puppies were family to us. If we didn’t plan on moving out of state we probably would have kept all of them to protect our animals.


They sure didn’t lack love and attention while here.


Some of my girls took it harder than others.

In the end all was well because we were happy with their new families. Each one spent time with our family and we got to know them which was really nice. These two baby boys went to a big family filled with adults and kiddos alike.


We got to meet the entire family a few days before. They went home to build a little home for the puppies before they came and got them. This picture only has two of the family members but there were lots. 🙂

 Next to go was our “Thunder” who our 8 year old named.



Thunder was the first born and held a special place in my heart. I helped with this little guy after he entered our world. I even bottle fed him the first night. He was the biggest then and is still the biggest of his litter. He was also the cuddliest next to our Sadie.

This sweet family has kept in contact and let us know that they loved Thunder’s name and kept it which thrilled our little girl!

Here he is with his new family.


And now on his new pillow at his new home.


(Picture courtesy of his new family)

And last but not least was our “Rollie” now called “Napoleon.”


Napoleon went to a family with two little boys who were as smitten with him as he was with them. I didn’t get any pictures with them because I was busy until right before they left so I only got to say goodbye.

Rehoming these puppies was tough. It was also such a blessing to see God work and place these puppies with just the right families.

After the last one left we brought our two girls, Sadie and Melody inside to love up on them. I wasn’t sure if we were keeping any puppies but as of right now the two little girls stay. And oh how sweet they are…


As for their mama, this wild girl who came from a 60+ acre sheep farm needs to roam and we don’t know how to keep her on our land which is modest compared to 60 acres. We are in prayer as to whether we are going to rehome her or not. In the mean time, we are loving her as usual and adoring her each day.

I am now calling her my bird dog. lol It is her new custom to perch on her roof and guard our home and her puppies which I think is just so cool. I hope her daughters are as awesome as she is.


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