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Raising boys after 6 girls… The first real hair cut. O.O

This was me a few days ago.

Inside that womb of mine is a baby boy. My third son…


Now, my story is pretty unusual. After having so many girls we never in a million years thought we’d have one son, much less 3 and yet here we are… in shock… in awe… amazed… and sometimes confused. lol

Our sons are 1 and 2 years old so I haven’t even begun to tap into what raising boys is really like. And yet still even with them being this little the differences are incredible!

I’m sure most of you know that. It’s common sense after all.

But WOW… after dealing with long hair, bows and all things girly this mama is in new territory.

So let me tell you briefly about my experience yesterday that made me cry.

Shoot… I’ll show you too.

Here’s my little Caleb. He’s my baby. Not that his big brother Josh isn’t but Caleb is our youngest. And just look at him. This little boy has the softest eyes ever. This picture doesn’t quite capture them. He’s my cuddler. And at 15 months old he’s still all baby to me.

And then yesterday happened.

His hair was getting out of control. We hadn’t cut it because he loves to play with it while he sleeps. But y’all it was time. When your baby boy starts looking like an Oompa Loompa from the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory something must be done.

So we took the boys to get their hair cut.

And here you go…

I left with Caleb the baby and came home with Caleb the little boy.

I don’t know who cried more about it. Him or me.

Today he’s all better and he still has some hair to grab on. Although he’s trying to hold mine even more. And although she won’t openly admit it, his 15 year old sister (who cried too when she saw him) has beautiful, long hair, sneakily lets him hold onto hers too. Caleb just has that way with us.

So there you have it.

Stupid as it may sound, I had never had to deal with the first boy hair cut. Josh’s hair never grew out all long like Caleb’s. Plus Josh has also always seemed a little older than he is. He is always on the go, moving and learning about the world around him. He is way too busy discovering things to cuddle for very long. It’s common place that throughout the day I feel someone come hug my leg tight and then run off like lightening.

That’s my Joshy.

He may not be as cuddly all the time like Caleb but this little boy has my heart just like his baby brother.

They have me wrapped.

And now, I can’t even imagine what it will be once the next little man is here.


Just wow…

Until next time…


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