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Hi! I’m so glad you’re here!

I remember purchasing my first Young Living Premium Starter kit 4 years ago like it was yesterday. I waited impatiently every day for my kit to arrive. And when it did… oh my gosh was I excited!

I know you will be too!

Young Living’s Oils and their oil infused products changed mine and my family’s life! Our home went very quickly from Toxins flooding it to being 50% + TOXIN FREE! Whoop Whoop! I had been really sick and was getting sicker. I knew something had to change. Buying those essential oils was a life changer. 

Soon I was using them for everything!

I couldn’t get over how much  I could do with one inexpensive bottle of Lemon Essential oil! I cook with it. I clean with it. I diffuse it. The first time I did I was so in awe of how amazingly crisp and fresh my house smelled that I danced wanted to dance around my living room. lol

I use it as a supplement and a gentle detox. I just keep finding more and more uses!! It’s amazing!

I only spend $11.50 for a 15 ml bottle! And retail is only $15.13 which is a terrific deal too. I just so happen to be a sucker for that 24% off we get as Wholesale Members.

I mean… I use oils for everything! For my family, becoming Wholesale members just made sense. I wasn’t even selling it for years. I just loved my discount and I highly suggest it!

There are 250 drops of oil in a 15 ml bottle of Young Living Oil?

You guys… that’s a lot of oil!

So are you excited?! I am for you!!

Get ready to DANCE with me!! hahaha