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Placenta Encapsulation: Why I ate my Placenta & why I will again this time.



This post will contain a picture of my freshly delivered placenta after Joshua.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have believed you if you told me that one day I would eat my own placenta.

Ever. O.O


And yet that’s exactly what I did and what I will be doing again this time.

This blog post is to tell you a little about my experience.

And if you’re in the Boise, Idaho area I will also have a link to who I go through to get mine done. She’s awesome!

Some call the Placenta the “Tree of Life.” And after looking at the following picture it’s not hard to see why.


 *picture courtesy of hypnobirthingutah.com*

When I first heard about people ingesting their own placenta it kind of freaked me out. And then I had a friend who posted on FB that her husband was encapsulating theirs, her manly police officer husband. O.O That caught my attention and thus came Google. I began reading testimony after testimony of how women ingesting their own placentas after birth had enabled them to have a phenomenal recovery.

So this is some of what I read that it was believed to do…

  1. Replenishes Depleted Iron
  2.  Lessens Bleeding
  3. Gives you Energy
  4. Helps Regulate Milk Production
  5. Replaces depleted Vitamins and Minerals
  6. Help return Uterus to it’s Pre-Pregnancy state
  7. Helps Mood… and more


So here I was… the more I read, the more I was convinced that I wanted to try it out for myself.

(This is how a lot of great things that changed my life came to be. Other women sharing their testimonies and experiences. Plexus, Young Living Essential Oils, & Trim Healthy Mama)

On to Step one…

Have the baby and deliver the Placenta.

(This part is important 😉 lol)



There’s my placenta from Joshua. A big, healthy placenta. It made lots of capsules!

And next, to place it on ice and call the Placenta Encapsulator.

I went through Gretchen Vetter at Synergy Birth Services and was extremely happy with her. She came to my house and did it in my my kitchen.  She had it all done and ready the day I came home from the hospital. We had her do the capsules and a tincture as well as a placenta tea. She also did a heart shaped keep sake of the cord for me.

I have it in a special place. It’s really neat! I just haven’t taken a picture.

So what was my experience?


*picture courtesy of annarborfamilydoulas.com*

What I really noticed was …

  1. More energy! (Enough said…)
  2. Less post partum sadness! (This was huge after I had Joshua. He was in NICU for a week and I was not only separated from him and my other kids back and forth but I wasn’t eating well. My blood sugar levels had to be wacky and I felt awful. I am convinced that taking these capsules really helped me. Every time I would forget to take them I could totally tell and I would be more weepy than when I was taking them. Mental note: don’t forget to take them this time.)
  3. Less Bleeding (I had a traumatic labor and delivery last time and I bled quite a bit afterwards. I was attached to an iv for hours. I noticed that once I started taking the placenta capsules after I got home my bleeding seemed to slow. This was awesome!)

My verdict? Well, isn’t it obvious? As weird as it may sound (even to myself) I am totally for ingesting your own placenta! You can even take them months after you have your baby when you need to. How cool is that? For me, not so much last time. LOL That’s only because I got pregnant so fast after Joshua. Gretchen said it was better not to take them while pregnant. I was already in hormone producing mode. She did tell me that I could take them to the hospital to have for right after I had this baby to use before my other ones were ready.

Yee Haw!!

(For you Northerners, that’s ‘Holy Cow that’s AWESOME! Let’s do this!’ in Texan! haha)

So there you have it.

I eat my placenta.

Should you?

I’m not a doctor so don’t ask me, ladies. 😉

What I can tell you is that from my personal experience is that it sure has helped me.

Want more info: www.synergybirthservices.com 

(I don’t get paid for you using Synergy Birth Services. I was genuinely happy with my experience and am sharing.)


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