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Perfectly Imperfect

Next month it will have been 2 years since we moved to East Tennessee. It didn’t take us long to realize that the vacation destination of many was not meant to be our forever home. However, we also realized that we didn’t know where that was. After 5 years of planning to move here, this was hard to come to grips with. This began a long search for where we wanted to move to raise our family.

There is so much I could write about our time here because God used it to help us learn and grow… to help me learn and grow. These past two years of my own personal life we re filled to the brim with self discovery and revelations. They were filled with me taking a long hard look at my life and my past and seeing that there were some things I had tried to push past and ignore. Things that had been eating me up inside and affecting my health physically. Figuring out where we wanted to move was also a huge part of us growing. After so much anticipation of moving here we all felt super depleted when we (our entire family) realized this wasn’t where we were supposed to be.

So we prayed. And prayed. And prayed some more. And all the while we researched more states and cities in the US than I even care to talk about.

While this was going on our family was also learning from a spiritual perspective. When we moved here we were a part of a specific denomination. After reading something in the Bible that contradicted that faiths core belief system it set us on a very rocky, and at times depressing, search for God’s ultimate truth. Like I said…. it was a time of intense growth in our family.

Growing pains hurt. Sometime severely. And these all did.

During this time of searching for God’s truth and where we wanted to live and raise our family, I too was in a major growth season. I had been introduced to a program that’s purpose it to help you dress to reflect who you are on the inside. It teaches that we are one of 4 types. Each type leads with a different energy. This may sound a wee bit cooky but once you see some of the success stories it starts looking pretty appealing. I have seen women in that program heal from past traumas because they started seeing themselves for who they were and not who they were expected to be. It was really quite inspiring to see.

The program is a whole story all in itself that I won’t be talking about. What I will say is that God used that program in a big way in my own personal life. I was even “typed,” by the creator. It was rare that she did this but I was blessed enough to have her tell me both my first and secondary energy types according to her system. That is when the healing really began in me.

Now you might be thinking, wow… was she right? Is that what changed your life? Did you start dressing the way she suggested for your type?

If you know the program I’m talking about then you would see me and say that I am not a success story according to the program because I do not wear only “my” colors. I don’t even like most of them on my body. And I do not wear my design lines. I don’t like them either. And I tried to! lol You won’t see a before and after picture of me on their website because I didn’t do one. I am not a success story about how knowing your type and dressing it will make you a happier and more balanced person. However, I am a different type of success story because of her program. Because if it, I took a step back and looked deeply at myself. The me before I was a professional singer. The me not changing myself in order to please others. The me that wasn’t afraid to speak my truth. To live it. The me that God created. But what was my truth? These were questions this program had me asking. And they were GOOD questions!

It’s been a long journey but I am happy to say that it worked. I did find my truth!

I am me.

I am perfectly imperfect.

You will not be seeing me dressing my type. I am the daughter of the Most High, the Creator of the world and all that is in it. That is my identity. That is my truth. That and my heart is what will be reflected in the clothing I choose to wear. And the colors I choose to put on my body.

I will be eternally grateful for what that program did in my life. God used it to grow me. He used it to show me who I really was and that is a priceless gift, one I can pass down to my children. Living true to who you are is important. The world is really quick to steal that…. to try to tell us what we should think and what we should wear. And a lot of us listen. I know I did. That program helped me see that it was me giving my power away. No one had taken it from me. That is eye opening.

As for our spiritual walk and where our family is to live… I am super excited to say that God has answered those questions too!! It felt like it took an eternity but He was listening and He has answered us.

Those updates will be for another time. Until then, may God bless you.


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