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Why I’ve been taking a break from social media.

Sometimes it’s good for us to take a break. And recently I needed just that. If you’ve been following me for any length of time then you already know that the last few years have been really odd for me. We had a cross country move, or so we thought. That turned into traveling across more states to visit relatives and living out of suit cases for  6 1/2 weeks. We finally moved to Tennessee. Got a new job. (hubby, not me) I stopped working. And began focusing on some other things. Personal growth.

By nature I’m a pretty outgoing person but if you know me really well then I don’t have to tell you that I am also an introvert and when I  need to process life I like to take a step back and retreat while processing. This is kind of what I would say I look like mentally while I’m in that place. She’s in her sweater and rubber boots walking around in nature. Welcome to my mind and my life. I am a girl who loves nature and I love the crisp feeling of fall in the air. I am also a girl who sometime needs to shut the noise of social media off. It can get super loud even though there’s no sounds. So I did. And it was great.

When will I be back to blogging? Or vlogging? I honestly don’t know. I’m in a season of self growth and I’m constantly learning and thinking. I do know that I will blog (and possibly vlog) again. So if you like what you see on my website, feel free to subscribe. I won’t be one of those people bombarding your email. That annoys me so you won’t be getting any of that from me.

Till next time…




Look who’s growing up! Isn’t he cute!

Someone’s about to turn a year old! I can’t even believe it. #mamasboy #babyKaden


Blue Calcite, my newest addition!

Just take a look at that beautiful stone. Isn’t it pretty. It reminds me of the sky which anyone who knows me knows that I love the sky, I always have. So much so, that I named my first daughter after it.

The picture doesn’t do this piece justice. The cloud like parts actually shimmer in the light. It’s really really breathtaking. I had been eyeing it for weeks and I’m so glad that it’s finally mine.

Blue Calcite

(The following information was taken from Madagascarminerals.com)

“Calming Blue Calcite soothes frayed nerves and lessens anxieties. A gentle stone to use when recuperating, Blue Calcite facilitates physical healing by clearing negative emotions and encouraging rest and relaxation. Blue Calcite can also work as a natural sedative after an emotional trauma, such as the death of a loved one.

Physically, Blue Calcite lowers blood pressure and may help to dissolve pain on all levels. Gently soothing the nerves and lifting anxieties, Blue Calcite releases negative emotions.

Physically, Calcite has been associated with the bones and joints, and balances the amount of calcium in the body. Calcite can also help to improve the body’s absorption of important vitamins and minerals.”

FUN SIDE NOTE: If you are new to stones, there are many different kinds of collectors, each drawn to stones and crystals for different reasons. Some use them for healing and believe they can physically and mentally aid in our body working to its full capacity. Others believe they have supernatural powers. I fall into the, I buy them because I like them category. However, I am a Christian and I believe that God uses whatever He wants to as conduits for his healing. I personally do not use them for healing purposes though.

When my husband bought me this stone he was excited to see that it was associated with nerves and the joints and spine. Recently he started using it to massage my back and shoulders and hips where I have the majority of my pain. He did this 3 nights in a row and those three nights I fell asleep with little to no pain. And I stayed asleep! Was it the energy and chemical make up of the stone? Who knows. 🙂 All I know is it’s a beautiful stone and I sure did sleep well.


Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms (THM S Friendly)

I am a sucker for a healthy meal that not only looks beautiful but also tastes great. And this one right here hits the nail on the head on both counts. It’s beautiful and so yummy! I walk away from my table feeling totally satisfied and I love it!

Today I’m going to share the recipe with you!


  • 1 lb ground turkey
  • Seasonings of choice (I use Himalayan Sea Salt, Organic Black Pepper, and Organic Garlic. You can use anything you’d like.)
  • 1 onion, chopped small
  • 4 large portabello mushrooms
  • 1-2 tomatoes, sliced
  • 1/2 cup fresh green onion, chopped
  • 1/2 cup mozzarella (you can use any cheese you like)
  • Optional 2 Tbsp Refined Coconut Oil- (if frying ground turkey breast)
  • Extra coconut oil to saute the onions in
  • Olive oil
  1. Brown turkey in a frying pan on medium-high heat. When it’s starting to turn brown add the onion and continue to cook until the turkey meat is fully cooked. By the time the turkey is cooked the onions should be soft and clear. (Use an oil to cook the turkey if you are using turkey breast.)
  2. Clean the portabella mushrooms. Cut out the “meat” or “stock” from the center of the mushroom to create a bowl.
  3. Cut your tomatoes into slices. (The thickness is all up to you.)
  4. Lay the mushrooms on a baking sheet or baking dish. Drizzle with olive oil.
  5. Fill them with your meat mixture.
  6. Add 1-2 slices of tomato to the top of the mushroom. Sprinkle a light layer of salt on them.
  7. Top mushrooms with mozzarella.
  8. Add 1 Tbsp of green onion to each mushroom.
  9. Bake at 375 deg F for 10-15 minutes.








The Oak Tree Forum is LIVE!

Have you heard? The Oak Tree FORUM is LIVE!

Come take a look!


Wow, it has been so long since my last Blog post!

After sweet Kaden was born my body made it very clear that the stresses of the last year had taken their toll on me. My body was weak and my mind was filled with so much to process. So many things I didn’t even want to think about. Our move across the country wasn’t at all what we expected. It was filled with moments of fear, hell, healing and some joy sprinkled in. Not at all what we were hoping.

And yet so much more.

So much more.

Finally landing here in Tennessee was amazing at times and at others really hard. When the budget for the job that my husband had been offered was defunded it was a huge blow that we didn’t share with many people. Instead, we did what we needed to do. We held on to each other and prayed, trusting in God. As always, God did come through right before our money ran out. Literally. right. before.

My silence on my webpage eventually transferred to Facebook and Instagram for awhile. After walking through my past because of Carol Tuttle’s “Dressing Your Truth,” and our time in Texas and Louisiana, I had come to realize that I had a lot from my past I needed to deal with. I had questions about my future and what God wanted me to to with it. Did I have a future selling Plexus? In all honesty, I had was pretty burnt out from trying so hard to help the countless sweet people contacting me for help because of my videos. I just couldn’t do it all on my own anymore. And I wasn’t even at a place where I could work my own business. So many questions. Even spiritual ones.

I needed time.

So I rested and focused on my family while I prayed and waited on God to talk to me which seemed to never happen.


That’s one of my favorite words. And yet that one word can cut like a knife, tearing into the depths of your soul.

God was super quiet and it was driving me crazy. My daughter told me that she thinks God was purposely quiet to force me to rest. I’d assume she was right. I knew I needed rest. I knew I needed something. For me to do what I felt called to do (to help others) I had to first help myself and there was something I needed to do first.

1. Face my past

So much loss and so much pain. Even anger I had tried to ignore. I prayed hard and asked God to expose anything I needed to deal with. He did. And He had used our trip to Louisiana and Texas to start the ball rolling.

(You can watch our Vlog “Faith Home & Life” on YouTube documenting the trip. Link on the homepage)

Something excruciating happened to me. Pain from all of the trauma of my past began flooding back. Not one memory at a time but tons. Horrible memories. Ones I wished I would have never remembered. Some that had been swept under the rug by my family as to not tear my family apart. Childhood memories that, although I had never realized, had shaped my future and how I saw myself and those around me. Those times shaped and molded me into someone I wasn’t. My entire life I wanted to please those around me. So much so that I had lost my voice. I had in a sense lost me.

These realizations hurt.

And my heart broke into a million pieces.

I hurt so bad there were times that I almost couldn’t stand it. Losing my parents. Seeing my childhood home trashed. Losing my eldest child. Losing 5 of my babies. My past Divorce. Date Rape. Losing other family members. I’ve lost a lot.

But most of all I had lost me.

That realization thanks to “Dressing Your Truth,” was not only painful but really confusing.

Let the healing begin.

WARNING: Healing hurts.

 Bad. And sadly it didn’t go away fast. But the pain eventually did begin to lessen. Day by day I was getting stronger. And day by day I was emerging.

My voice was coming back!

Here I am today, stronger than I’ve been in years! And I’m excited because for the first time in longer than I can remember, I am me. Not who anyone wanted or expected me to be. But me.

100% Authentic me!

And even cooler than that, God finally spoke.


I’m so psyched! It seems I have more work to do and I can not wait to share all of it with you all! There are some pretty awesome things I’ve got in the works.

Thank you to those of you who contacted me on FB and told me you were praying for me. God heard you!

I’m still healing, but I’m back and I’m getting stronger every day! And I’ll be in touch on here soon.

Till next time…




Introducing baby….

We’re proud to introduce y’all to baby Kaden Jeremiah Quinn!

Like 3 of his other siblings, baby Kaden entered the world prematurely at 36 weeks 0 days gestation.

(Thank you full moon)

Kaden– (Gaelic) Fighter

Jeremiah (Hebrew) May Jehovah Exalt

(He was named after the prophet Jeremiah)

7lbs 7.6oz

21 & 3/4 inches O.O

Born: Wednesday October 4, 2017 at 11:27 am

Unfortunately this little guy was struggling to breathe when he was born and was taken to NICU where he would spend the first week of his life as he would face one challenge after another. That was a very hard experience on Kaden and his father and I. While there he had got a tear in his lung which caused him to struggle even more. God kept watch over out little guy and took care of him even when I questioned. After being told that he would be in NICU at least 2-3 weeks, baby Kaden came home a couple of days ago after spending one week exactly in NICU.

So many people were praying for this little guy and it showed in his healing! Everything that was thrown at him he fought against and healed faster than expected.

We are so blessed and God is so good!

*I’ll include all the details in a future Blog, possibly VLOG of my birth story so stay tuned. To follow me click on the follow button that pops up on your page*




34 week pregnancy Update!

Oh my goodness….

I’m 34 weeks pregnant with our 8th baby today!

Wow y’all, it’s getting so exciting! You know, it doesn’t matter how many times my husband and I have done this, each new time we get just as excited as the time before. Bringing a new little person home and welcoming them into our family is unbelievably exciting! And now I’ve just entered major nesting mode! We’ve got almost everything baby boy needs now and I just got in the gown I ordered that I will be taking to the hospital with me to labor and deliver in. I packed my toiletries bag yesterday and have both my Labor and Delivery bag and my Hospital bag partially packed now.

So exciting!

We just had my 34 week OB appt. yesterday and it went great.

(For those wondering, because of my past experiences I see an OB and midwives)

Baby Boy- 34 weeks

  • Heartbeat= 145 bpm
  • Measuring 34 weeks (on the dot!)
  • Head down!

(My last two had an “unstable lie” and were breech and transverse off and on)


Mama’s stats

  • Gained 2 lbs in 2 1/2 weeks
  • Blood pressure normal
  • Did group B Strep test today (This is earlier than they typically do this test because of my history of premature labor
  • 1 1/2 cm dilated and 70% effaced

Mama’s Symptoms- 34 weeks

  • I’m starting to have a little heartburn but only when I roll over and the baby pushes into my stomach. I wonder if this little guy will be bald?? One of my kiddos was born with a ton of hair and my heartburn was so bad I had to take prescription medication. My heartburn was sooo severe with that kid. She came out with some cool hair though, even had blonde highlights. Seriously. lol
  • I’m having a lot of pelvic discomfort. The pain in both of my hips is almost excruciating and so is my back pain. With that being said, I finally went to see a Chiropractor and he confirmed what I had thought all along. My body is all kinds of out of wack. The good news is he has pinpointed some of my most painful issues and he started taking care of them slowly. After seeing him yesterday I was able to walk up our slanted driveway without wanting to cry. Goal is to get my pelvis where it needs to be before this little guy makes his entrance into the world.
  • No real food cravings. I’m still loving whole milk which is just crazy for me. Most of this pregnancy I have loved fruit. The weirdest thing I’ve loved is banana’s and peanut butter. Seriously. So yummy! Other than that, the only thing out of the ordinary is how I’ve enjoyed ice cream and frozen yogurt this pregnancy, although I haven’t indulged often. Just recently we found “Halo Top,” light ice cream sweetened with Stevia and Erithrytol which are both glycemic index friendly and this particular brand has protein in it!! One pint of mint chip is only 240 calories! Crazy! Every now and then my husband makes me a THM #volcalnicmudslide (THMS) and I have some Halo Top vanilla ice cream with it. It tastes sinful!
  • Sleeping right now is horrible. We got a new bed when we moved here and it’s definitely not my Organic Latex mattress that we had to leave in Idaho. *insert tears* As sad as leaving it was, God used it to bless a terminally ill man and his wife so that alone makes it worth it.  Now hubby and I are already talking about what kind of mattress we’re going to purchase once we’re settled and have gotten some items higher on the priority list.
  • My allergies have been insane since moving to TN. Apparently I had gotten used to Idaho’s dry air and no trees. Tennessee definitely has more trees! lol That means more pollen. Add pregnancy hormones and heat and you’ve got this pregnant mama swelling more than normal. (I’m so ready for Fall)

Other than that there’s not much to report. We’re getting more and more excited to meet this little guy every day!


Till next time…




Essential Oils for Labor, Delivery & Post Partum

It’s been a love thing the moment essential oils entered my life years ago.

This will be my 3rd essential oil pregnancy but only my 2nd L&D/post partum one. When I first started with oils years ago I didn’t know that some were possibly beneficial during labor and delivery until a nurse I had just so happened to also be a doula who was educated on the use of essential oils.

I was blessed immensely last time by my oils and I used almost all of them!

Today I’m going to share with you what essential oils I bring with me to the hospital for labor, delivery and post partum.

Here’s a list of what oils I am bringing this time and what they can be used for.

  1. Frankincense – This beauty of an oil was suggested to me by my nurse to help keep me calm and relaxed in a very traumatic labor and delivery. I put a drop on my diffuser necklace and it definitely made a difference for me. We also put a drop of Frankincense on our sons head to anoint him once he was born.
  2. Clary Sage – Used during active labor to possibly help advance labor. I used it after labor to aid in toning my uterus. Many mama’s also have found Clary Sage to have a relaxing aroma. (It is not advised to use this oil before being in active labor)
  3. Valor – Apply to feet or spine during transition for courage. Some people apply one drop divided between both babies feet to help ensure proper spine alignment.
  4. Lavender – This is a terrific oil for helping keep mama calm. Some diffuse it and some apply directly to mama’s tummy to help keep her calm during labor.
  5. Surrender – Use in labor to combat fear. (This oil smells great. I inhaled it a couple of times but ended up using Frankincense)
  6. Fennel – May apply to vitaflex points to possibly advance labor. Some women also apply this above breasts on lymph area after baby is born to help bring in milk supply. *”Caution: fennel should not be used more than 10 days as it will excessively increase flow through the urinary track”*
  7. Ylang Ylang – This is one oil I did not use and honestly I’m not a huge fan of the smell. Although I love the essential oil blend Joy which has Ylang Ylang in it. I have a history of premature labor so I didn’t end up needing this one. I have it packed anyway. Just in case this little guy decides to hang on longer than his siblings did. You never know with these babies. lol
  8. En-R-Gee – This is terrific for a nice little energy boost. Some mama’s rub along their spine during labor for energy. I like to just open the bottle and inhale off and on.
  9. Peace & Calming – This is one of my prized oil blends! As a matter of fact I have two little bottles I have been saving just for my Labor and Delivery! We diffuse two oils in my L&D room, one right after the other the entire time until our baby makes its entrance into the world. We start with Thieves and then do Peace & Calming. My room smells sooo good! EVERYONE that came in our room, doctors included, commented on how terrific our room smelled. We even had nurses that weren’t ours come in to smell our room because other nurses told them how amazing it smelled! Having a peaceful mama is super important. Having a peaceful and relaxed L&D staff is almost as important. (Did I mention that we also bring our nurses chocolate to snack on? I think they deserve a treat with all they do for us mama’s.)
  10. Gentle Baby – I LOVE this blend! I have kept some diluted with almond oil in a roller bottle for years. I started wearing it when I was pregnant but it quickly became one of mommy’s perfumes. My kiddos love it! It’s so calming to both them and to me. I apply it to my wrists and neck after I have the baby because my babies are used to smelling this as soon as their tiny noses are developed. It has also been said that some women use this to keep their baby in the birthing canal once the baby has descended. I’ve never tried that but it sounds cool.
  11. Pan Away – Help with muscle soreness during labor. Apply diluted and topically to lower back. (I’ve never tried this but I’m bringing it this time just in case)
  12. Geranium – “Geranium has a contracting effect and helps pull together dilated tissues, so it is healing for the uterus and endometrium after birth.” (Again, another one I haven’t used before. I’m bringing it this time though.) It is also said that Geranium may help increase milk supply.
  13. Myrrh – It has been used to put on the remaining umbilical cord stump area to protect from infection. (We haven’t done this before but I’m bringing this one too just in case we decide to use it)
  14. Thieves – I use this oil blend EVERY DAY! I apply it on my feet to help boost my immune system and we diffuse it often. This is the very first thing we diffuse in our Labor and Delivery room to kill germs. I have no words for how awesome this blend is!
  15. Peppermint – Some mama’s have used peppermint for nausea with success but not me. Nope. My doula had a completely different reason for me to use it and it wasn’t so glamorous but let me tell you… it worked! I was having trouble emptying my bladder so she had me inhale the peppermint oil while I sat on the bed pan. (Now you know why I was struggling with urinating. I’m a modest woman and that didn’t thrill me. My body just wouldn’t “go,” if you will.) Once I took a deep breath of peppermint it’s like my body just did what it needed to do. It was like magic! I hope you don’t need peppermint for this but it you do, I recommend trying it. It sure worked for me!

And last but definitely not least, I’m going to share with you the Oil Blend spray that has amazed me since I first tried it.

        Claraderm Spray – Can be sprayed on cuts and scrapes to aid in healing as well as a mama’s nether region after having a baby. So soothing! I love using this spray at the end of my pregnancies and after I have my babies!


So there you have it!

There’s the list of oils I’ll be taking with me to the hospital in a few weeks when I have my little guy.

If you would like to receive your Therapeutic Essential Oils 24% cheaper than retail like I do, scroll up and click on the picture of the three oils. If you need any help deciding what oils to buy, let me know and I’ll help you.

Want to learn more about Essential Oils?

I highly recommend the book, “Quick Reference Guide for Using Essential Oils,” by the Higley’s. I always take my travel companion with me to the hospital.

Are you pregnant or a Mama and looking for some good Essential Oil info for you or your baby?

I recommend the book, “Gentle Babies,” by I can’t remember her name at the moment. lol *pregnant brain*


Holy Moly y’all!

I’m 29 weeks pregnant!

This has been a bizarre pregnancy and that’s putting it mildly. No fault of the baby’s. I mean, finding out we were pregnant 5 days before our cross country (crazy ridiculously long) move was insane all on its own. Then having our family of 9 living out of suitcases for 6 1/2 weeks and not knowing exactly where (what state) we were going to live only added to the bizarreness. (Is that a word? lol) And then there was the multiple sicknesses and the subchorionic bleed in my placenta and my trips to the ER.


Well yesterday marked us being in the beautiful state of Tennessee for 4 months! Can you even believe it’s been 4 months since we moved here? I know I can’t. Crazy! But so awesome! Today we have 2 teething, sick little boys who caught a cold after their big sisters started recovering.

Nap time came and everyone but our sweet 2 year old was asleep. Hubby made me a delicious Trim Healthy Mama “Volcanic Mudslide” with low carb ice cream. Yum!!! Talk about making a pregnant mama happy!

We sat together on the couch with our sweet two year old lying next to us. Hubby and I marveled in the impromptu thunderstorm that had moved in (the 2 year old not so much.. hence him being on the couch with us. The chair just wasn’t close enough. Oh how I love that boy.) What a beautiful time it was. And wow, what a difference since last year. This time last year my husband was on the other side of the world. He sure wasn’t home making me healthy treats. And I wasn’t pregnant. It’s AMAZING what can happen in 1 year! So now, here’s what’s been going on in our neck of the woods.

The belly is growing!! But somehow I can still hold my boys!! I’m literally hlding all 3 of my sons right here. This is me everyday, multiple times a day. After having 6 girls in a row I still can’t believe I have sons!

Even after birthing 8 babies it still amazes me that I am growing a tiny human in my body. I can’t wait to have a 4D ultrasound to see the little guy again! That update should be coming soon! I’m hoping to Vlog about it. We shall see. My adrenal fatigue has made itself known even more than normal lately so even the simplest of tasks has ben a challenge. That includes Vlogging. I’d like to do a pregnant with adrenal fatigue video. Maybe next week! High hopes, y’all! lol

So, if you know us personally you know that we love to learn how to do knew things. With that being said,  my husband and I decided to try our hand at cutting our sons hair ourselves.

That was interesting.

After two different people hacked our boys hair two different times my husband and I thought that we could do better than them. And honestly, although their hair isn’t what I’d call professional quality I can tell you that we were right. We did do a better job that the two that cut their hair before us.

Parent Win!

(P.S. Giving your 1 yr old chocolate chip cookies while cutting his hair is DUMB. Just imagine… chocolate everywhere…. Chocolate and little tiny hairs everywhere. Yeah, we were so stupid. Lesson learned!)

Something else we have been doing the last couple of weeks is focusing more on art with the kids. Well, not us exactly, but them really. They’ve all been embracing their artistic side since we’ve been a little more settled and they’ve had a chance to relax and adjust to their new home. The artistic side is strong in my family, y’all! We have multiple books being written by our kids and oh the beautiful art work I have seen recently! And I love how our oldest loves her little siblings. Caleb was having a particularly uncomfortable day due to teething and his little cold. When I walked in the room I saw him snuggling with his biggest sister while she did some art work.

Ah, I love times like that. Does this mama’s heart good.

Teething and having a cold is tough for a little one.

Baby Caleb needed some cuddling and his big sister was glad to provide it.


Other than that we have started getting ready for the new baby but that’s a post for another time.


Till then…