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Packing for the Hospital… Baby #8


You could say that after delivering 7 babies in a hospital I have a little experience in packing for a birth. 😉 Over the years I’ve learned what I need, what I don’t and what I want ‘just because.’

Today I’m going to share with you what I bring.

And if you’re interested, at the end of this post I’m going to tell you a little about each of my births.

What I Bring to the Hospital:

Labor & Delivery Bag:

(I just started doing this with my last birth and I LOVED it!! It’s all we bring in at first other than the camera)

Labor Snacks (For both hubby and I. — Organic pumpkin seeds… Quest Protein bars for me and his choice for him… Organic packets of Hazelnut Butter… Honey Sticks… Organic Lollipops… Plexus Slim… Plexus 96 Vanilla Protein Powder… and one large Coconut water for me to sip on)

Gentle Babies Book & Hypnobirthing Book

Tennis ball

Mirror and Flashlight

Scarf for the Roboozo Technique

Birth Scriptures and Picture Album (Pics of my kids and some Scripture verses)

Possible Baby Names on an index card

Business cards for the baby’s Doctor and my Placenta Encapsulator

Baby hats  (I love these. I bought this one last time and this time I bought this one and the green and yellow one. They’re awesome!)

Unbleached Newborn Disposable 7th Generation diapers

Nipple Shield (I use these when I’m first breastfeeding)


Card games (We’ve had two babies where we were able to play games during the night while I was in labor)

Something to write on and a pen. (For if we want to document times. So much happens so fast that we can tend to forget the details. This helps us remember.)

Magnesium Lotion

Tums (If they have you lie flat on your back it can cause heartburn and I don’t like their antacid stuff… bluck)

Gentle Babies Essential oil diluted and ready to rub on mama or baby if wanted

A bottle of Almond oil to use as a carrier oil for any oil we would choose to use.

Essential Oils Bag:

Frankincense– to Relax mom during labor…. to Anoint baby after birth… to use on umbilical stump if want

Clary Sage– May help bring on contractions during labor and after to help your uterus contract back down

Valor– Use on feet during Transition to give Mom courage

Lavender– Belly- to relax and calm mom. Can also be used on baby.

Surrender– Used in labor to combat fear

Fennel– Apply to vitaflex points on feet to advance labor; may also help uterus contract after birth

Ylang Ylang– Same as Fennel

En-R-Gee– Along spine to give mom energy during labor

Peace & Calming– Diffuse to bring a calm peace. (LOVE this one!! Used it and Thieves back and forth in my diffuser last time. The nurses and the doctors all loved it!!)

Thieves– Diffuse to kill germs in the delivery room. (I also bring a spray of Thieves and spray things to sanitize them 😉

Mine and Hubby’s Bag

Clothes for both of us. (For me: Yoga Pants, Nursing Shirts, Nursing Bras, Socks, Pajama’s I can nurse in, Breast Pads and an Abdominal Binder for after birth, slippers & an outfit to go home in. Flip flops are also good to wear in the shower if you’re not a fan of going barefoot in a hospital shower.)

Depends Undergarments (I use these. I’m not a huge fan of what the hospital offers. I love Depends Silhouette’s! We keep an unopened package in the van too so hubby can go get them when I need them.)

Vitamins and Plexus! (Click the link to browse my Plexus page. This is my first Plexus baby. I am sooo excited about having those supplements with me. I will definitely be saying no to the stool softeners they so kindly offer you after birth. I won’t need them. Thank you Plexus BioCleanse!)

Toiletries Bag


Contact lense case and Solution as well as Glasses


Burt Bees Make-up Removing Cloths


Toothbrushes & Toothpaste

Chapstick, Scrunciis, Rubber Bands


Nipple Butter

Young Living’s Clara Derm Spray (this stuff is pricey but Ah.. mazing! It has Myrrh, Frankincense, Roman Chamomile and Lavender oil to name a few)

For the Baby… Some is in the Diaper Bag:

Chlorine Free Disposable 7th Generation Newborn Diapers. (Almost all of our babies have been severely allergic to regular disposables so we bring our own to the hospital. We’ll be using cloth after the first week or so on this little guy)

Outifts (For the hospital and his ‘Go Home’ outift)


Baby Nail Clippers

Blankets (Muslin Swaddle Blanket & a Flannel receiving blanket. I also bring a warm one for the ride home.)

For Breasteeding:

Boppy (in the van for when I’m ready)

MyBrestfriend (in the van in case I want it)

Nipple Shield (in labor bag)

Nipple Butter (in labor bag… This stuff is Priceless!! You can thank me later ;))



Cell Phones and Chargers



So there you go… after all these births I don’t pack light. Hubby and I are cool with that. I know some women who bring barely anything and use everything that hospital has to offer and that’s great. For me, if I’m going to be there for a few days I want some of my things. If you’re a new Mama and were led to my site, Congratulations! If you have any questions, feel free to message me. I’d love to help you in any way I can.

And for those of you wondering about my labor and delivery’s. Here you go!

I can’t wait to see what this time will bring!

    1. 41 weeks 6 days… Vaginal Delivery… No Epideral- ALL NATURAL… 12 hour labor. Went from 5-10 cm in 30 minutes. Pushed for 30 min. Episiotomy… 9 lb 1.7 oz baby
    2. 39 weeks 2 days… Vaginal Delivery… Had an OB…Slight Epideral that wore off.  6 hour labor. Posterior Baby turned in Birth Canal. 8 lb 11oz baby
    3. 38 weeks 5 days… Vaginal Delivery… Had an OB… Gestational DiabetesGroup B Strep Positive… Epideral… Short labor- 3 1/2 hours…  Went from 5-10cm in 15 minutes.. no joke! Posterior baby that flipped on her own. I only had to push once. 6 lbs 12.7 oz
    4. 37 weeks 2 days… Vaginal Delivery… Nurse Midwife… ALL NATURALGestational Diabetes… Short Labor-didn’t know I was in it. 2 hours! … Posterior… pushed 10 minutes, if that. 7 lbs something lol
    5. 36 weeks… Vaginal Delivery… 3 day labor O.O, two hospital trips & stays… Epideral… Posterior-turned herself towards the end… easy delivery. 6 lbs 13 oz
    6. 37 weeks 1 day Vaginal Delivery… 17 hour labor… Epideral… Posterior-came out that way easily. Nice, easy delivery. 7 lbs 4oz
    7. 35 weeks 6 days… Vaginal Delivery… 36 hour labor. I think the Dr. swiped me and started premature labor. Unstable Lie…Excessive Fluid… They did 2 Versions using Oxytocin… Posterior… Epideral 1 hour before delivery… pushed for 45 minutes (hard pushing)… baby in NICU for a week. 7 lbs 1oz
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