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Our First Lesson in Butchering Chickens

I have wanted to raise our own chickens for meat for years. My husband & I talked and prayed about it. We came to the conclusion that raising and butchering our own birds was a smart idea for a few reasons.

1. We want to know what’s in the food we eat. Raising our own birds allows us not only to know that they are raised in a humane manner but it also allows us to know what they are being fed. This is important to us.

2. We want our children to know where their food really comes from. (not the grocery store) We want them to know that a life is given/sacrificed to nourish us. We raised and cared for these hens from the day they were hatched. We know the value of their life. We want our children to appreciate their food… to be grateful.

Finally after years of praying God brought someone into our life to teach us how to butcher chickens. I was wearing Joshua so I was merely the onlooker.

Even still, it was a blessing.


Some of the pictures below are pictures of the butchering process and may bother some.

However, I will not show the act of butchering.


Our friend was showing my husband where to cut the bird to where it would be most humane, causing the least amount of pain for the chicken.


Next the chicken was put into really hot water so we could de-feather it.



The next picture is so cool. This particular chicken hadn’t laid its egg that day.


That’s the egg in the chicken. And to the left is an egg before it’s fully matured.

And voila… homegrown chicken.


These birds went into our freezer and will be used to nourish my family through bone broth and ‘Mama’s Nourishing Chicken Stew’ that I make every Fall & Winter during cold and flu season. Our birds were heritage breeds so there wasn’t the amount of meat on them like you’d find on birds at the grocery store. Those were bred specifically for rapid growth and are not how chickens were created by God. Those birds cannot reproduce on their own and must be slaughtered before a certain age because most likely they will die of a heart attack.  Our family chose birds that were the closest to their original form.

They will be perfect for stew! 🙂

Mental note: We might want to consider other sources of meat to feed our family too when we move.

My hubby could eat a whole heritage chicken by himself. lol

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