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On a day like today…

When my list of things to do is high… when my job as a homemaker & homeschooling mom requires me to reach into my bag of tricks and be in as many places as I can, seemingly all at one time… when tomorrow is my husband’s birthday and I am wanting to make him a homemade coconut cream pie from scratch (minus the crust. I’m cheating and using a premade one this year ;)…. and when my youngest jewel is teething and doesn’t feel so great, I am once again reminded of how much I love being a mom and how much I love my Ergo baby carrier.

I am also reminded of how I love attachment parenting and what a blessing it has been in my life to both me and my little lovies.

Seven years ago I was blessed with my first high needs/highly sensitive child.

$100 seemed like a crazy amount for a baby carrier, even though I was so desperate to be able to get things done around my house without my baby yelling non-stop. (and mine don’t agree with the cry it out method. They are stronger than that game) so I tried every other carrier I could find, including slings and the ever famous Moby Wrap. (As you can see, I had spent the cost of an Ergo by now, all in the name of not spending that much money. Oy… we live and learn, huh.) I definitely learned a few things back then. One in particular was that women who wear Moby Wraps amaze me! I am in awe of you ladies… seriously. I have babies who cry and there was no way I could figure out how to wrap that thing properly so I gave up.

My sweet hubby finally told me just to spend the money on an Ergo baby carrier and I did. I have never regretted that decision and 7 years later and 3 more babies I still don’t!

I now also have the KTan and I love it, especially when your babies are tiny. To me it’s the equivalent of a non-confusing Moby Wrap. That I love! It’s so easy to understand how to use which is a total plus in my book.

It seems like it would be wrong if I didn’t talk a little about Attachment parenting on this post, because after all it’s why I carry my babies. Once upon a time I didn’t know what “attachment parenting” was. It wasn’t until my 7 year old had to wear cloth diapers only weeks old that I was introduced to those two words. After a little research, I came to the conclusion that I had been that kind of parent since our first was born.

And now years later, the many hours devoted to holding my little ones close, lengthy, painful attempts at breastfeeding, endless nights of co-sleeping and lots of kissing I don’t regret being this kind of a parent.

When people see us in stores and ask me how I have such well behaved girls I typically say it’s because of homeschooling but now that I think about it, homeschooling is only part of the reason my children act the way they do.

My children are happy because of one thing and that is the fact that they know how loved they are. It’s because of my husband and I practicing attachment parenting.

Being a stay at home, homeschooling mama definitely allows me much more time than working mama’s to spend time with my babies but I have to say that even if I was forced to work, I believe my babies would still have smiles on their faces. All because of one word… love.

To me, real love is attachment parenting. In one word… Agape. It’s what Jesus wanted from Peter. It is the best, most pure love. It is selfless. It is what the makings of a great parent take, nothing less.

And it takes work. But the benefits and rewards are infinite.

Love isn’t selfish. It means making the time to focus on your babies, even when you might not be having the best of days. One mom once pointed out that we should think about our facial expressions. It’s what our kiddos see when they look at us. A furrowed brow definitely doesn’t spread joy and it sure doesn’t show someone you love them. This convicted me years ago and since then I’ve been more conscience about what my kiddos see when they look at their mama’s face. I want it to be love.

Love means listening to their heart and showing them you are really interested in what they are saying. This can be a challenge for a busy mama but it’s important we take time to listen. Our babies are only little once and we only have one chance to be a good parent.

It means wiping runny noses, dirty bottoms and all the other things that are a part of caring for another little human being with a smile on your face. (and in your heart) If you’re a mama, some of the best advice I can give you is pray to find joy in serving your little ones if you don’t, and if you do find joy they will see this and it will rub off on them.

The above picture is our oldest and our youngest.

‘Sunshine,’ our eldest daughter didn’t think that her hair was pretty enough for me to take her picture but I couldn’t resist. Ashlyn (our youngest) looked like a happy little duck which made me laugh. She adores her big sister ‘Sunshine,’ and the feeling is mutual. Our eldest loves to care for others. She has experienced the rewards and they are great indeed.

In conclusion, on a day like today when the business seemed to be endless, naptime finally arrived and I was gently reminded as I rocked my teething baby and as three of my five were lulled into sleep, that I am so thankful I have babies and am able to love them like crazy.

Life happens, and now as I wrap this post up I am holding my two year old while listening to my others talk happily with each other. Naptime is over. Let my evening begin.

The Lord gives the barren woman children. I am that woman. I went 7 years calling my uterus a uterine graveyard, crying inside every time I saw a pregnant woman. I lost 3 babies in the course of that seven years and one more a couple years later yet God eventually blessed me and now I have a full house. I ache for women who can’t conceive and I feel sorry for those who can and don’t realize what a blessing God has put in their lives.

To need/want an Ergo is such a blessing, and on a day like today I am reminded of that.

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