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Non Toxic Kitchen & Bathroom Cleaner/Carpet Deodorizer

We decided years ago to do our best to rid our homes of toxins.

One of the ways was learning how to make my own Non Toxic, All-Natural Cleaners. This bad boy of a recipe is not only simple but it can happily (no “Joy pun intended. lol) not only clean your kitchen sinks and counter tops but also work on your bathroom sink and tub. AND if that’s not enough it can also be used as an uplifting Carpet Deodorizer!

Joy is one of our favorite Young Living scents!

It’s terrific for supporting the adrenals and for encouraging a happy mood!

We also love “Joy” so much that we mix it with a carrier oil in a roller bottle and use it as Perfume!

Want to know more, leave a comment. I’d be glad to answer your questions.


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