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My Health in Pictures

My health is important to me. I am a 44 year old mom to 9 children and a wife to my husband of 20 years. (I have birthed 10 children and lost 5)  Both of my parents died having Type II Diabetes & Heart Disease.

I do not want to follow in their footsteps.

This page is dedicated to my health and how it changed when I decided to take matters into my own hands and break the chains that were binding me.

I have decided to do this using pictures.

                                     (Pictures are in order of my age)


kkids                                     After having given birth 6 times.

kbefore kpinkhair 14991897_1534090716604920_8987142968610106627_n 34wks4dayspreg1

Baby #7


img_20161115_10482340 years old and I had birthed 8 healthy babies. 😀


Pregnant with number 9 and didn’t know it yet.

A couple of months Post partum after having my 9th child. Little did I know I was about to crash physically.

Baby #9 






After having my 9th I stopped taking the Health & Wellness supplements I had been taking (and selling) for years. We had taken a substantial pay cut after we moved to Tennessee which caused us to have to go on a very strict budget. (On a side note, I never stopped selling the supplements because I already had customers and I took my responsibility to them seriously. I still believed in the products. I just could no longer afford them without working the business actively and I felt too sick to actively start selling again. I had stopped selling actively once we moved across the country and I was pregnant with our 8th (my 9th) due to pregnancy issues.)

Where we live in TN has one of the highest allergy rates in the country as well as mold. It wasn’t long before my health took a huge hit. My energy dropped exponentially. I began to show signs of mold in my body again and when I tested for Candida using the water method it was pretty nasty. I felt like I lived in a foggy bubble so I prayed and I did what I could. I lowered my sugar intake as best I could. Food prices here are high for good organic foods so I did what I could. I drank ACV and some baking soda in water to alkaline my body, yet each time I tried I felt too awful to continue. I just didn’t have the energy. Below are a couple of pictures of that time. (It was rare that I let anyone photograph me. It took a lot of energy just to smile.)

You can clearly see how awful I felt. It was bad and yet I did my best to push through for my family. I was beyond exhausted. I had foggy brain again and I was depressed and miserable.

When you’re a busy mom you do what you’ve got to do. At this point I had started taking some Ashwaghanda, Rhodiola and 5HTP which helped. I was able to exercise a little and cry a little less. I lost a few pounds which made me happy but soon I would gain them back. Those supplements helped. They just didn’t make a huge difference, and I needed something to give. It was during this time that I began noticing I was losing quite a bit of hair. I still didn’t feel good and I knew my thyroid and adrenals were beyond taxed.

Do you smile through the sadness and pain? I do. I even take pictures for my FB profile like the one above in hopes I can mask how badly I was doing. Now that I am looking back at this picture I honestly don’t know how anyone could not see that I wasn’t doing well.

It was not too long after the above picture was taken that I mentioned to my husband that I wished there was a way for me to get back on the pink drink supplement I sold and had once taken for years. Not only had I experienced its incredible results personally but I had also helped hundreds of others on their journey while they were using those supplements. I saw first hand how it blessed them too. Not just me. The problem was that we couldn’t afford it.

Then one day during our family’s nightly prayer time our 3 year old prayed for God to provide it for me. Apparently those little ears had overheard his daddy and I talking. Low and behold my commission after that prayer happened to be exactly what I needed to buy that drink! THE EXACT AMOUNT! Long story short, I bought it and drank it up! And that precious boy would smile big every time he watched me. That little child of mine prayed again as I finished that month supply and once again I made enough money to buy it another month! The next picture is me after those two months. I look like a different person.

My hair started growing back! You can even see the new hair growth!
This picture was taken a week before I turned 43 years old.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I’d say that’s true when you look at the pictures of me and how my face changed. I was only able to purchase that drink for those two months. However, I now know that I will be getting back on all 3 of the supplements that changed my life so dramatically 4 years ago. And I’m expecting them to bless me all over again. I will be purchasing them at the end of this month. (August 2019) and will post a picture of me in here after having been on them for 1 month.

Update: October 2019.

Okay, here you go. After being on my favorite health supplements for 6 weeks.

(Since I always hate how vague everyone in the world seems to be I’m going to share with you how much I’m spending for a 30 day supply of these supplements. With my Ambassador discount it comes to $142 and it’s worth every penny.)

It’s March 2020 and I’m back with another picture and another quick update. After 5 years, I still stand amazed at how certain supplements (including therapeutic essential oils) can bless us. I must say though that I do not believe they are the do all end all. They are not a god. However, they can help give our bodies certain nutrients that we are missing. And that alone, can be amazing. So here you go, as my health journey continues… another picture update. As you can see, I’m feeling a lot better! Check back in the next month or two. I plan on doing a YouTube video about my healing journey. I’m still healing and learning more and more every day! I’ll check in on this page in another few months.

Are there really supplements out there that work and can make a huge difference in our lives? I believe so because I used to take them. I took them for over 3 years. I’ve also sold them and I have seen first hand how they have blessed others.

UPDATE: The next picture was taken February 2021 after moving across the country during the pandemic with our 8 children while 6 months pregnant and then getting back on my supplements fully after having my baby. I also began implementing my powerhouse of essential oils and other supplements as well. The picture has not been edited other than making it brighter.

44 years old and 7 weeks post partum holding baby number 9!

I feel better than ever!

Are you suffering in silence with hopelessness about how you feel? If so, I’m here to tell you something. There is HOPE! Seriously. I know how hard it can be to be miserable. To feel alone and like no one understands. There are lifestyle changes you can make and supplements that can support you as you focus on healing your entire person, mentally, physically and spiritually. If you’ve read this far, I know you’re serious about changing the energy you’ve been walking in.

If you’re serious about your health and looking for a mentor, message me. You will have to buy the supplements. It will be an investment in your future but totally worth it. (Some supplements aren’t ingested. Some are supplemental life changes or things that can aid in your overall health of your mind as well. This won’t be free. Nothing worth anything is. I didn’t get to where I am without investing time and money and what little energy I had.) I am here to help and would be happy to help guide you on your journey. This is what I offer those who purchase their supplements or oils from me. You will get my mentorship and other supplement suggestions to fit your individual needs for free. This offer will be free for my customers and downline. And eventually I may open my mentorship up to those not purchasing from me. My energy is precious, as is yours. Eventually I may be able to open my mentorship up to the public. For now it’s only open to my personal tribe.

If you’re not ready to commit, that’s fine too. Come Subscribe to my YouTube channel where I will be posting videos about my Health and Wellness journey and what supplements I used and am using as I travel along my own journey. You can also follow me on Instagram at @onceuponaforesthaven

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