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Music in my Soul


Since a young age I was surrounded by music. When I was in elementary school I would sit for hours listening to my records and singing along. The first time I was on stage singing in front of a crowd was when I was 11 and from then on you could find me singing all the time. The next 18 years would be spent with me on a road to becoming a professional singer.

I always loved music.

However, the road to making singing a profession wasn’t one I would end up staying on. One day I realized that I couldn’t give 100% of myself to everything in my life. I had a husband and a family that was doing without their mom.

I walked away from my singing career.

I walked away from music… all of it.

The pain was deep.

Very deep.

And then 2 years ago my daughter introduced me to a band that would forever touch my life. After going music free for the majority of 9 years I was suddenly wanting to listen to music.

That group changed my life and I’m glad they did because honestly….

I have music in my soul.


And so do my kids.

Although this post has been about me and a little of my personal life journey the pictures I’m going to show y’all a few of our children I took recently. When I look at these pictures of them practicing their instruments I am overwhelmed with joy and anticipation of what sounds will fill my house in the future.



These girls are already creating beautiful songs and as for their baby brother …

Oh sweet Joshua…

I have never seen anything quite like him and I’ve been around a lot of babies.

Like David in the Bible, my son is literally filled with music!

He can’t help but dance every time a song comes on. He hums and tries to sing along with us

He gets so excited when music comes on! It is literally his most favorite thing!


An old friend I’m so glad to have back in my life.

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