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Meet my Family


I love my family.

There are no real words to describe how much I adore my family. They are what motivates me to learn how to live a healthier life day by day. They are who makes me smile when everything seems bleak and they are the sun on my darkest of days. Each one of them is such a blessing in my life and today I thought I would introduce y’all to them. 🙂

First, I will start with my best friend and husband.

He and I have seen some dark days my friends, yet through Jesus we are still married and I can honestly say that we are happier today at almost 14 years of marriage than we have ever been. I love him so very much!


My husband is a hard working redneck Texan, Airman. He is patient, loving, and is old fashioned compared to most men. He has opened every door for me since I met him back in 1998  (Except maybe a few when I was younger and mad at him. I had a tendency to try to show my attitude. He needed to know I was mad, right? lol I have since learned that there are more important things in life than showing my husband I’m upset with him. Besides, I love him opening my doors!)

My husband likes sweet tea, southern cooking, wood working, and football.He loves his daughters and is approached by well meaning men all the time who encourage him to clean his guns before our daughters are older.

I would like to encourage any of you struggling in your marriage right now to not give up. There is hope! We are proof. We have dealt with some uglies, y’all & God pulled us through it all. Even when it was only one of us that wanted to stay married.

(That was my husband by the way. I was the one that wanted out.)


If you’re having a rough time in your marriage and would like to talk about it, I would be glad to pray with you!

Marriage transformation won’t happen overnight. However, there is hope!


You can have a happy marriage!

Next I would like to introduce you to our oldest.

Our tender heart.


There are no words for how this child has blessed my life. She was the first born after 3 losses. I’ve lost 4 total.

Her name means ‘Gift of God’ and that is exactly what she is!

She’s a natural born farm girl who doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty.



She is a terrific big sister and such a  huge help to me.


She is not only beautiful in spirit but is also extremely creative in many aspects. Currently Maddie is writing a book as well as designing her own book cover. She is a natural with photography as well as graphic design and this mama is Proud. Her heart was created to love, and love she does. She is one of the most selfless people I have met and I am so blessed to call her my daughter.

 Next in line is our firecracker, Kylie.

If I were to describe little Kylie in one word I would say, deep.


Kylie is a deep kid, wise beyond her years. Sometimes her daddy and I just stare on in amazement as she speaks. Her insight is incredible.


When this one was little she was very leery of people, and I mean very. As she has grown, I am happy to report that she now loves people. Just don’t call her Spring when you hear her sister’s name is Autumn. Although she loves to laugh, she will not find you amusing. Just sayin… lol


Kylie loves to run. So much so, that it’s hard to take picture of her sometimes. lol She is a terrific big sister and she loves animals! Sometimes more than people.



Next is my little buddy, Autumn


This little girl is so full of life that if I could bottle it I would be rich!

(Financially, that is. I’m already rich in love!)

Autumn is the most empathetic person I have met. If someone cries she is the first to comfort them.


She loves being a big sister and thinks her sisters are the best in the world. In church she happily entertains our youngest and at home she will selflessly put aside what she is doing so she can play with them if they ask her to.


Today she told me that she wanted another baby in our family.

*She’s not the only one who has recently hinted to their want of a new sibling*

Autumn loves animals!


She loves to run and play.


Every moment of her life is an adventure and I am so thankful that I get to be a part of that!

Next is our little Mackynzie.


She is taking after her sister Kylie with how deep she is.


Don’t take my word on it. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.


When not quietly assessing life, Kynzie can be found trying to make her sisters laugh. In the above picture she’s wearing her sister Autumn’s shirt that I made for Autumn to wear the day Mackynzie was born. Kynzie thought it was hysterical that she was wearing a shirt that said she was her own bigs sister! lol

Next you’ll see Kynzie talking to our goats. She does this regularly and she laughs as she talks to them. She thinks they are so funny!



Kynzie is a terrific big sister and loves life! Her favorite things to do other than spend time with her family and help mommy is to play with our farm animals.


Kynzie was a, ‘God wouldn’t do this to us now’ pregnancy, and I will say that I wasn’t too happy about being pregnant with her at first. We found out I was pregnant with her the day before my husband left for Basic Training. He was scheduled to be gone for over half a year between Basic Training and Military Technical School. My pregnancy with sweet Mackynzie was tough in more ways than one, but as always, God knew what He was doing and I can’t imagine our family without her!

And last, but definitely not least, our youngest baby girl.

This little treasure has grown so fast.

Like her sisters she loves animals!


This little independent soul is a ball of fire!


And true to her Cajun/Irish heritage she has her own thoughts and her own opinions and she isn’t afraid to voice them. We are all so thankful to God for her life!


So there you have it, the reason why my heart is so full.

As a mom who lost 4 babies, I am so unbelievably grateful for my little girls. Each one is so very special. I hope you enjoyed meeting them!

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