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May Update & Happy Mother’s Day! (Lots of pictures!)

It’s May 2017!

What an awesome month.

And today just so happens to me Mother’s Day!

So while my little are finishing a nap I thought I’d jump on and write a quick post.

(It’s all about time management, I tell you!)

So first… Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mama’s reading this! What you do is special and if you’re anything like me you feel extremely humbled to be a mom. It’s a gift for sure.

May has already been an awesome month for our family. Here I am with ALL 8 of our babies.

(#8 is in my belly. He’s already a big guy, measuring almost a week ahead O.O lol)

This month we’ve been busy getting our house in order while healing from the second sickness we caught this year. As you can see, we’re all starting to feel better, thank God!

*We got some chicks
*We started a garden
*We made some new friends
*We have enjoyed the Tennessee sun immensely and have loved being outside in it.

(We do not miss Idaho’s cold Springs)

Now I’ll show you in pictures! 🙂

Now that we’re in our own home again I’ve been able to read to the kiddos before bed like we used to. They love it!

And so do I. <3

I’ve been able to cook some yummy healthy foods like this Spinach and Artichoke Chicken. You should have heard my children while they ate it. They were adorable, ooing and ahhing. lol

My Instant Pot is back in use!

And we welcomed some new furry family members!

Cute, huh!

So is Josh.

We’ve been spending a lot of time enjoying the outdoors!

We also got to see our baby boy again and right after that we took a tour of the hospital where I’ll be having him!

I loved seeing Mary and baby Jesus when we walked in. What better mother to emulate.

Did you know that May is the month dedicated to Mary? She was all about sacrificing her life for God’s will. I think that describes true motherhood perfectly.

So as you can see this month has already been awesome!

My kiddos have been loving caring for the baby chicks! While this little one was removing pine shavings from their food two of her sisters were cleaning out the pine shavings in the chickens little home and replacing it with fresh shavings. I had started doing it and they jumped up and asked if they could do it.

Well, yeah, of course!

On a side note, if you’re not friends with me on FB you didn’t get to see this picture. My sons seem to think it’s HYSTERICAL when I whistle. Who would have known? lol

Now back to today, Mother’s Day.

There’s a lot of pain attached to today for me but I won’t talk about that. Instead I will just show y’all a few pictures from earlier. In a little bit I’ll be off of here so we can go have more fun outside and grill some steaks! Yummy!

My hubby bought me beautiful flowers, chocolate covered strawberries and a cookie cake from Great American Cookie Company. Idaho doesn’t have a Great American Cookie Company so I’ve been sad about that for years. Those cookie cakes are my favorite! Happy Mother’s Day to me!

The kids and my hubby bought me a few gifts and wrapped them in super hero paper. Honestly it’s all we had available but they were quick to say that it was fitting because they think I’m a super hero. Which I’m not.

But it was sweet anyway!

And the day before Mother’s Day Tyler and I bought this…

A few things for our new little guy. We gave away almost everything we had.

(Not the cloth diapers though… phew!)

And now, some pictures from today and then I’m out of here for real. 😉

The baby bump. I’m almost 4 months pregnant already!

And as for this guy…

Keeping up with this little one and his brother is a family endeavor fir sure!

Me and my beautiful 15 year old. It had been awhile since we took some pictures together.

She is literally one of my most favorite people in the world. Can you tell?

Queen of Instagram faces can’t keep a straight one when mom starts making faces. lol

15 years old and I’m still getting kisses. I love it!

I adore her…

Last one… just a quick shot of me in mom mode. I’m a busy woman but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Till next time…



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