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Living Simple


10 Things you can start doing right now for a more All-Natural & Simple Lifestyle.

1.Turn off the TV & put away all Electronic Devices.

(This may be the hardest one but it is the most important to start with in my opinion. Our world is so connected to everyone all the time via technology. But are we as connected to ourselves? To our Creator? If you’re on your phone or tablet all the time and can’t imagine your life without them, try turning them off for an hour a day to start and then build up. Walk away from it all. Find something else to do. This may sound easy for some of you, but for me it was harder than it sounded, yet it was my first step to peace and a simple life. To this day I work hard to distance myself from my computer and phone. I typically schedule time for them. They are not my life. If you can’t think of what to do, sit in silence. It might be a nice change.)

2. Learn how to Bake Bread from Scratch.

(Doesn’t matter whether you’re a male or female. Baking bread can be so rewarding. We have become so detached from where our food comes from. Google what you’ll need to bake one loaf of bread and then look at the ingredients of store bought bread. Take the time to bake your bread and savor every delicious bite. You won’t regret it!)

3. Play a Board Game with someone you love.

4. Ask yourself… What would you do if all your local grocery stores shut down?

(You may think I’m a wee bit nutty here but I beg to differ. What if they did shut down? This happened to my family and I when I was pregnant with our 3rd during Hurricane Ike. Not only were the grocery stores closed for quite some time but when they reopened it was a frantic mess of people scared and doing what they could to get as much food as they could with no regards to anyone else. The stores were dark and gloomy from the generators and there wasn’t much food available. The lines were long and people were cranky. (putting it mildly) It wasn’t pretty. Our family personally lost perishable food twice during this time due to electricity outages. It was also at this very moment in time when my husband and I had no clean drinking water, no electricity and our food was running out that we knew something in our lives needed to change.)

5. Imagine,…What would you do if there were No Clean Drinking Water and No Electricity to boil water?

(If you live in a subdivision like we did during Hurricane Ike it can be a bothersome thought. Wood wasn’t readily available to make fires to boil water and my pots at the time couldn’t have withstood the heat.  I have found that part of living a simple life is knowing that you would have the basics to sustain your life in an emergency. That brings peace. Start researching portable water filtration systems. We know which one we want but haven’t invested in one yet. We too are on a journey. Invest in activated charcoal until you get a water filtration system. This I have and love for more than just water filtration.)

6. Make your own Laundry Soap.

(You might be surprised with how easy this is. And, there are both powder and liquid recipes available online for free. This is not only a cheap alternative but (depending on what soap bar you buy) this can be part of your toxin-free journey, should you choose to begin one.

7.  Start using Cloth Napkins.

(You can either make them yourself or buy them. They don’t need to be anything fancy.)

*I must warn you. Once you start using cloth you might just fall in love! We did!*

8. Grow Something.

(It could be anything from Mint to Tomatoes to Peppers. Think of what you love and do some Google research. It is such a blessing to watch something you planted grow and you don’t need land for everything. You can grow some things in your back yard and even in your own kitchen.)

9. Cook Dinner from Scratch

(Literally. From. Scratch. Tell yourself no boxed anything allowed. Make dinner with simple, all-natural ingredients.)

10. Make Butter

(You might be thinking that this is an insane suggestion. No one makes butter themselves anymore. Wrong. They do and boy is it good! All you need is a good cream and a Mason jar. Raw cream works best but we’ve done it with store bought as well. We’re homeschoolers remember? lol Get you some cream. Put it in a Mason jar. Add some salt. Close it and shake. Then shake some more. You will do a whole lotta shaking! And before you know it you will see it starting to make butter! Don’t believe me? Try it yourself. 🙂