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Little Joshua 3 months old!

Man time has flown since Joshua was released from NICU.
Here he was back in the hospital all hooked up to all kinds of things. That’s an IV in his little head. It was in his foot at first, then his hand, then his head and then back in his hand. 🙁




And here he is today at 3 months old!

Praise God! He’s a healthy little guy.


Oh my gosh… look at his dimples!

All my girls have one dimple but this little man has two just like his mama.


This little man is by far one of my best baby’s.

He is such a happy baby! Unless he’s hungry… then, well let’s just say we hurry and feed him. lol

A little about Joshua David at 3 months old.

1. He weighs 12 lbs and is long and skinny.

(don’t let the pictures fool you)

2. He just started talking/cooing even more. It’s A..dorable!

He was talking to me in the next picture. 🙂


3. He finds his mama very amusing!



I can be funny at times. lol

4. He still sleeps with Mommy and he is a terrific sleeper.

I have co-slept for years and I know that certain things come with the territory. Such as no pillow, hurt neck, some numbness in your limbs… you know, the norm. However I have never slept with a superhero before.


My little buddy likes to ball his little fists up and shoot his arms out to the side like superman, popping his mom in the head over and over again throughout the night.


I guess it’s worth it in the name of saving the world, right?! lol

5. Joshua loves to be sung to. He just loves music but it very picky still.

6.One of his favorite places to be still is in the Ergo with me wearing him. Sweet guy looks around for awhile and then nuzzles up to mama and closes his eyes, falling into a happy sleep.

7. Like his sisters he has phenomenal hearing.

8. He does not like diaper changes or his car seat.

9. He is now beginning to recognize his bottle. Oh boy… lol

10. This little sweetheart has such a sweet soul. I can’t believe he’s already 3 months old. He is such a joy to have in our family.

(Don’t mind the milk. He just finished eating.)



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