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Joshua’s 10 weeks old

Time sure is flying fast now that Joshua is here. It’s crazy to me that this sweet little guy has already been here 10 weeks. And yet it feels like he’s been here forever.


Here’s a few fun facts about our little Joshua David at 10 weeks old…

  1. He weighs 10lbs 11oz and is long and skinny.
  2. He has two dimples (Just like his mommy. His sisters all have only 1)
  3. He loves to smile.
  4. He thinks his sisters are funny.
  5. Like King David that he was named after, he too loves music. He is also very particular about what music he likes and will fuss or cry if he doesn’t like it.
  6. He is already talking/cooing.
  7. He loves to cuddle with mommy.
  8. He’s getting too long for all of his 0-3 months clothes.
  9. He loves to eat and sometimes cries when his bottle is done.
  10. He really dislikes his infant carrier/car seat unless he’s in the car going somewhere. As long as the vehicle is moving he’s happy.
  11. He’s not a fan of his swing.
  12. He’ll sit happily in his bouncer or high chair for a little while but would prefer being in mommy’s arms.
  13. He loves it when we sing to him.
  14. In less than 5 minutes of being in the Ergo baby carrier he falls asleep.
  15. He laughs in his sleep.

Now for some pictures!! 🙂






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