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Hi! I’m so glad you’re here!

Essential Oils have not only been a huge blessing in my life but also the lives of countless others. Although I am not currently actively selling oils I’m always happy when God brings me new friends to share oils with others and lock arms with. I’m excited with each and every new member I welcome to my team! It is a privilege to educate others and to share the blessings of essential oils with them. My family has benefited so much from essential oils that I have no doubt others like us would too!

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Here is a brief overview of the options to choose from when you sign up. 🙂


This type of membership is completely free to join.

  • No membership fees.
  • No yearly dues.
  • No obligation.
  • No selling.

What Young Living membership option is right for you? — Check out the new Young Living Premium Starter Kits! This kind of membership allows you to easily order all the oils and products that you need at retail pricing, plus tax & shipping. This membership does not get you wholesale pricing.

Independent Distributor- not choosing to sell (This saves you 24% with Wholesale Pricing)

This kind of membership is an “Independent Distributor” membership and requires the purchase of a starter kit, which you can choose for yourself.I highly suggest starting with the “Premium Starter Kit” which is what I started with. Here’s a breakdown of the savings!

There are terrific starter kits that range in price from $45 to $260. Any of them will include your cost of membership for the first year. And you only have to purchase a start up kit once. (when you sign up) Buying oils in the Premium Starter kit will save you quite a bit of money. They are a terrific deal! The Premium Starter kit comes with a diffuser as well as eleven different bottles of oil to get you started. It also comes with a roll-on attachment, 10 samples packets (to use or to share), 10 sample bottles (I love these!), and materials to help you become familiar with oils and how to use them. If you already have a diffuser or you’re just not interested in one at this time, the Basic Starter Kit, which is $45, is a terrific way to go. And then after you purchase your starter kit you can start ordering any of the products you want at wholesale, right away.

With this choice you save 24% off of Retail!


  • No membership fees.
  • No yearly dues.
  • No obligation.
  • No selling required.

If you love this option as much as I have for 4 years and want to keep getting your oils at wholesale pricing, the only requirement is that you purchase 50PV (personal value) of products a year. (approx $50) This is beyond easy to do when you love oils! If you do not purchase 50 PV  worth of products in a year, you will still be able to buy oils, only it will be at retail pricing until you spend the required 50PV to receive wholesale pricing again.

And if you’re interested in even more savings, you can also sign up with Essential Rewards to save up to 44% off of retail. You have to be signed up as a distributor to be able to enroll with Essential Rewards. (more info below 🙂 )

Independent Distributor (working it as a business) ( Save 24% with Wholesale Pricing )


This is the membership to chose if you are wanting to work the business. Although, I am here to say that this is the type of membership I have had for years and I’ve never actively worked Young Living as a business. So it’s totally not for business only. 😉

When you become an active distributor you can earn a commission when people buy oils from you, or sign up under you. The same as  being a wholesale customer, you are required to purchase a starter kit. They range in price from $45 to $260 depending on the diffuser you choose. And remember, you only have to purchase a start up kit one time. If you would like to earn a commission check, you have to also be enrolled in theEssential Rewards program. And… to be eligible to get paid your monthly Essential Rewards order will need to be at or over 100 PV. ($100/month)  (My Essential Rewards order is my favorite thing to receive in the mail every month!!)

With Essential Rewards Young Living also offers monthly specials where you can earn free exclusives. (You can get so much free stuff!)


You can now be eligible for certain commissions when your Essential Rewards order is at $50, however, the $100 level enables you to receive several bonuses. This creates a much faster way to make money and begin covering the cost of your ER orders. On top of that and being able to make commission you can also earn Essential Rewards points which can be redeemed for free products. These points are insanely awesome and are prefect for buying gifts, having stock on hand if you want, or trying something new that you may not have a place for in your budget.

You can sign up HERE!
It will take you directly to my page where you will fill out your information. My member number is already in there. If it doesn’t show up just type it in. My number will go in the ‘Sponsor’ and ‘Enroller’ boxes. My member number is #1696061  If my member number isn’t in those two boxes you will not be on my team. Putting my numbers ensures that you will be working with me and my upline. They will ask for your social security number. This is for the purpose of taxes, should you decide to sell. Remember, when you become a wholesale member you will then have the option to sell. You just don’t have to.

Another great perk you will receive when you join my team is phenomenal group support. Once you are a member you will have access to Facebook pages where other Young Living members like you and I gather to get support, learn from each other and share how the oils work for us. My up line also offers tons of free training! So if you’re new to selling and have no idea where you would start, don’t let that stop you! Joining my team will provide you with the tools you need to have a thriving business, should that be what you chose.

If you want to become a wholesale member just to get the discount, I would still love to help you in any way that I can!