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Jesus is not my “buddy.”


Our society can’t seem to make up their mind today. To some Jesus is just a good person that lived a long time ago  that some people obsess over. To others He is their “buddy,” their “homeboy,” their personal god-BFF.

And then there are some like me who say that Jesus is…

The Savior of man. The Son of God. The Redeemer of the world.

Some cling to this as if it is their very breath and then some cringe at the mere mention of His name.

Today this post is about the journey I am personally on.

A journey towards the truth.

I will not go into detail because my journey is a very personal one. I will however share a bit of what my soul is going through as I walk this narrow, humbling path, the path that’s changing my life as we speak.


I have had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ since I was a small child. Although He was not my “homeboy” I did share my life with Him. I hadn’t read the Bible at the time so I didn’t know the exact details of Who He was but my heart was already His.

As time went on and I became a teenager and sly wolves moved in ready to devour me.


And they did.

For years.

But Jesus never gave up on me and then one day I got on my knees, asking for forgiveness & praying that He still loved me.

And He did.

He showed me that without a doubt.

He still loved me.


After that I promised Him my life. I also promised Him that I would spend my life loving Him and learning everything I could about Him and His truths, not mans.

With that promise I began a journey.

And after that a new set of wolves entered the scene, only these wolves were disguised and I couldn’t tell.

Neither could the well meaning people that gave them to me.

Lies disguised as truth.


It took me years and my life being flipped upside down for me to finally be in a place where I would be in a position to be humbled so severely as I am being humbled now. With each new day my eyes and mind are being opened more and more.

It is painful and I’m spending a lot of time on my knees with the Lord.


I am humbled.

I am learning.

I’m once again throwing myself even deeper into my Bible.


*picture courtesy of www.everystudent.com*

This new journey has brought thunder and rain as well as times of spiritual drought.

I have felt so confused and lost.

I’ve had a hard time admitting that I was wrong in what I was told believed, yet it is what it is.

The most important thing this experience has taught me though is that at almost 40 years old I may not be that little girl clinging to Jesus anymore but Jesus loves me just as if I was.


No matter how long we’ve been deceived, He’s there waiting for us.

All we need to do is admit our wrongs, change our life and go to Him.

Till next time…

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  • Cathy Tauzin June 16, 2016, 12:07 am

    Strength, beauty and faith….in a special person! Love you! <3

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