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Introducing baby….

We’re proud to introduce y’all to baby Kaden Jeremiah Quinn!

Like 3 of his other siblings, baby Kaden entered the world prematurely at 36 weeks 0 days gestation.

(Thank you full moon)

Kaden– (Gaelic) Fighter

Jeremiah (Hebrew) May Jehovah Exalt

(He was named after the prophet Jeremiah)

7lbs 7.6oz

21 & 3/4 inches O.O

Born: Wednesday October 4, 2017 at 11:27 am

Unfortunately this little guy was struggling to breathe when he was born and was taken to NICU where he would spend the first week of his life as he would face one challenge after another. That was a very hard experience on Kaden and his father and I. While there he had got a tear in his lung which caused him to struggle even more. God kept watch over out little guy and took care of him even when I questioned. After being told that he would be in NICU at least 2-3 weeks, baby Kaden came home a couple of days ago after spending one week exactly in NICU.

So many people were praying for this little guy and it showed in his healing! Everything that was thrown at him he fought against and healed faster than expected.

We are so blessed and God is so good!

*I’ll include all the details in a future Blog, possibly VLOG of my birth story so stay tuned. To follow me click on the follow button that pops up on your page*



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