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10 Reasons Why We Homeschool









The above pictures are of the same child. In the first she was seven. In the second picture she was eleven. She has only been homeschooled. And just so you know, I wasn’t making her read the book about the presidents. She asked to read it. That sweet girl will be 17 in a few months and is graduating from High School in just a few short weeks! She is intelligent and well mannered with a reading level that has surpassed her peers for years.

Homeschooling has enabled our children to learn at a pace that is beneficial to them and that’s not limited to an 8 hr school day. We parents are our children’s first teachers. And we believe that we shouldn’t stop teaching at any age. We are parents. It’s our mission to love and train and support our children for as long as they need. I plan to be there for my children, training them if need be, when I’m 70 just as much as I do now. Parenting is for life. True love is forever.

Here are the top 10 reasons we Homeschool

  1. Socialization: It is our experience that children who are homeschooled may have surpassed socialization skills. They are not solely around their peers, but also adults and infants, thus allowing them opportunities to learn how to communicate well with people of all ages.
  2. Individualized Curriculum: Each child is different and so is their learning technique. Homeschooling provides an opportunity for each child to be taught in a manner which focuses on their particular learning style, making concepts easier to grasp, retain and master.
  3. More teacher one on one time.
  4. Encourages individuality.
  5. The teacher is more invested in the outcome of the student’s education. No one wants our children to succeed more than we do.
  6. We choose the curriculum. This enables us to do the core subjects along with other electives that interest our children, thus steering them on a path towards their future. This also involves open communication between parent/teacher and child. This shows the child that their wants and opinions matter, throughout their school years, not just High School. That it is indeed their future that they are preparing for.
  7. Learning can take place outside of the home/school.
  8. Children can learn more at home if the parent is truly invested. Learning should never have an only eight hour time frame. It should be a part of life. I have been teaching my children since they were born, not when the state deemed it time.
  9. Less exposure to unfavorable children. By this I mean ‘unfavorable.’ I know of a situation where a young elementary school girl was constantly slapped on her behind by a little boy who told her that he had “fire in his pants” for her. The parent went to the principal and the principal said she was very aware of the little boys problem but there was nothing she could do about it. She told the parent to tell the child to try and ignore the little boy. That parent was me.
  10. More is caught than taught. We prefer our children learning in an environment filled with love, forgiveness, mercy, happiness, and people that believe the Bible is the Word of God.