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Have you pet a Chicken today?

As silly as it may sound, petting a chicken is considered to be therapeutic by many.

Well, if a chicken is kind enough to let you, that is. lol

The above picture is of my five year old feeding one of our older chicks. If you would have told me when I was growing up in Houston, Texas that I would one day be raising my own chickens I would have laughed. You see, the only chicken I saw back then was at our local grocery food stores. And as pitiful as it was, I really didn’t know that every day kind of people could raise their own chickens. I assumed you could only buy your food from a grocery store.

Friends, that was over 25 years ago.

If I thought that way as a child back then, what do most of today’s kids think?

I can only assume that they’re just as ignorant, if not even more than I was.

My eyes have been opened to a lot in my life so far and one of those things is that it’s not only good, but I also believe that it’s healthy to know where our food comes from. I believe that we should care for our food from the beginning to the end when we take the first bite. I read articles all the time about contaminated food sources. Why are they contaminated? I believe it’s because of the love of money and the lack of respect and love for the very animals that nourish us. That is so sad to me.  Less space plus more animals equals a mess at some point.

Well, I can’t change the world but I can change me, and I am. I am also raising my children to know where their food comes from, to appreciate it, and to care for the very animals that will nourish them.

Want to join us?

Food matters.

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