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Happy New Year!


I’m a little late in posting this but I’m okay with that. lol

Lately I’ve been focusing on just enjoying and breathing in my kiddos before our little new one is born.

2014 was a crazy busy year for us filled with new adventures and even a move. So many wonderful things happened for us and quite a few sad things as well, like the loss of my mother. I say loss, but I know where she is and as sad as I am, this comforts me.

I’m super excited about 2015!

January is starting off slow for us. If you know me personally, then you know doing anything slow drives me crazy. I’m an A type, get er done personality. God however, knows I need rest. So this month I am resting and enjoying my 5 baby girls.

Next month however starts the ball rolling and that, my friends, is what I’m looking forward to. For starters, this precious baby girl of mine turns 2 years old on Groundhog day, which just so happens to be her grandmothers birthday too! The next year of her little life will be filled with growth. Even though my heart longs to keep them tiny forever, I’m excited. Ashy may be turning two but she’s still my baby. Tonight she crawled into my lap while I was sitting in my glider rocker and she asked me to sing to her. In that moment I couldn’t think of anything I wanted more.  Soon I had her big sister Mackynzie (16 months older) right with us smiling. The others would have followed if they would have been closer. They’re all still my babies.


After her birthday is Valentines Day of course, which we all love. How can a house filled with 6 girls not? lol

I’m already planning a party in my head. 🙂 Have you read my books? Just call me Roger. (with much less money lol)

After that is the anniversary of the day that changed my life forever, the day I met my husband.

On top of all that, we will be finding families for Abby’s puppies and a new home for Abby. Rehoming Abby makes me so very sad because she is hands down the sweetest dog we have ever owned. She is also a free spirit and likes to roam. Coming from a 60+ acre sheep farm she was used to doing and going where she wanted. Although she always comes back, we are fearful that she will get herself hurt or be stolen. She needs land… and lots of it. I will miss that dog. Until then I will keep on loving her tons! They just don’t make dogs any sweeter than Abby, and this comes from a lover of Boxer dogs!

We are praying about keeping at least one, if not two of her puppies,  all of which opened their eyes this last week! They’re 3 weeks old now and so chubby, each one sporting a thick winter coat. We’re all loving seeing their personalities emerge. We originally wanted to keep the two females but it’s two of the males that have stolen our hearts. They’re like small polar bears who like to cuddle. What’s not to love? I’ll post pictures soon. 🙂 When they’re inside I’m always holding them and not my camera.. go figure. lol

With our plans to move to TN we have been debating. As of right now we plan on moving our goats to TN with us and if that’s the case, what’s a couple of Pyrenees? lol Only time will tell. I’m still wondering when God will move us.  🙂

And then comes March… oh spring, how I love thee! Warmer temperatures and longer days begin this month. It’s also the month I’m expecting our baby to show himself, that is if he’s anything like his sisters. This will be a busy month for me. LOTS to do to get ready. I’m hoping to have his nursery done by then. Camouflage here we come!

It’s gonna be a great year!
So, welcome 2015! I’m excited to see you and look forward to what you have in store.

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