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Happy early Father’s Day!


(The above picture is of my best friend and husband of almost 14 years with our eldest daughter)


My earthly father went to be with Jesus almost 13 years ago. There are no words in the English language to express the pain I have in my heart to this very day because of how much I miss him.

Fathers are important.

I wasn’t always a some great Christian but I always knew who God was and my relationship with Him came easy to me.

I knew His power.  I knew His love. I feared Him and I respected Him.

 I believe that’s because I had a good earthly father to demonstrate and show me what a father was.

For that I am forever grateful!

 My Daddy will be missed until the day I am reunited with him in heaven!

Today I am dedicating this post to my husband. He probably won’t read it but it’s his post nevertheless. I am thankful for him. He didn’t have a great dad like I did. He came from a broken home and told me the other day that he never felt like his birth father or his step father were his ‘Dad.’ That made me so very sad for him. My husband got to know my father a little before he passed away and he told me that my Dad was more of a father to him then any man in his life had ever been. He also told me that it was his goal to be as good of a dad to his girls as my father was to me.

If Jesus lets you read this Daddy, thank you!

 I am still my father’s daughter and I miss you immensely!

Happy early Father’s Day to all the men selfless enough to be good fathers!


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