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Happy 8th Birthday to my sweet, Kylie!


Every baby is special, but any mom who has lost a baby at 5 months pregnant or after knows how emotional it is to have a healthy baby after that. Kylie was our surprise blessing from God after losing our baby at 19 weeks. After so much loss, and almost divorce, God blessed us with this beautiful little girl. 8 years later we are so happy with what a bright, caring, young lady she is becoming.

She is creative, passionate and funny. She loves to write and paint. She’s a planner by nature & has already been praying to marry a pastor, be a stay at home wife who makes money by doing art work. Kylie dreams of raising a large family and being a successful artist. <3

Like her mama she likes animals more than most people. 🙂 Here she is with Kynzie and our rooster, Sterling.


If she likes you that speaks volumes about what kind of a person you are. She is very choosy who she gets close to. She loves being outside but also loves cool days inside with a cup of hot cocoa and a good book, yet again like her mama. She is a girly girl through and through. She would live in skirts if she could and begs me not to cut her hair. She loves it long and dainty.

She is a strong spirit and stands up for what she believes in. When a man friend of ours and his wife were over, he told her she could call him by his first name. She politely smiled and said no thank you. She was more comfortable calling him Mr. Brown.

She is a happy girl who loves to laugh as well as make others laugh. Just a few months ago she lost her two front teeth and now they’re already growing back in. No singing “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth,” for her.


Moving to Idaho when she was only 2 /1/2 she has only really known the north but she is southern through and through. Kylie’s favorite shoes are her red boots and that child could eat as much boiled crawfish as her mama. She is a deep, passionate girl who thinks a lot about everything.

Happy birthday to my special little princess. Today my house is filled with Beauty & the Beast because this child loves how Belle loved the Beast even when he was unlovable. She told me that’s how Jesus wants us to be and that movie reminds her of that. <3



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