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Happy 1st Birthday Joshua David!


I cannot believe it… my sweet baby, Joshua is 1 year old!

*Don’t mind his crazy hair. He was extra active that day and his hair showed it. lol*


I will never forget the day (or really early morning) this little guy was born. It was a tough labor and delivery. So tough that I still haven’t written my birth story. The whole thing was scary and even today I get a little bothered thinking about it. God was there though.

And now, 1 year later, I am the mom to one of the most precious human beings ever.

Happy 1st Birthday, Joshua! This post is for you, Buddy. Mama loves you!



Joshua David-1 year old

  1. He loves music! Like… really, really, really loves music! He will dance to almost anything!
  2. He loves food… all food. Seriously. He will happily eat anything. He loves it all.
  3. He loves to laugh!
  4. He also loves to mimics his sisters. This is hysterical!
  5. He’s Mommy’s cuddle bug.
  6. He is crawling all over — low crawling, that is. lol It’s so cute! He’s crazy fast too!
  7. He’s got 5 teeth.
  8. He’s completely off the bottle.
  9. He’s pulling up.
  10. He gives lots of kisses.
  11. His favorite toys are anything musical.
  12. He loves to jump in his jumperoo! Especially to music. The boy’s got rhythm y’all!
  13. He says.. “thank you,” “you’re welcome,” “go,” “Autumn,” “Mama,” “Daddy,” “Caleb,” “batman,” “night night,” uh oh,” “where’d it go,” and probably more I’m forgetting. 🙂
  14. He’s a smart, sweet little boy!

And now for the pictures!!!

Get ready for cuteness overload.


He loved his cake!

Me however… hmm… I wasn’t really thinking about all the bright colors when I chose it. O.O


As you can see, he didn’t care. lol


Once cake time was over it was time for the shirt to come off and get clean.


He’s not just a mama’s boy.


Now it’s time to put his new Thomas birthday shirt on and resume partying!


First he had to model his cute shirt for all his sisters.

(It comes with the territory of being the first boy after 5 girls)

Now… on to the real fun!




After fun with Daddy it was finally time to open presents. And boy was he good at it! He only needed help starting it. He opened almost all of his presents by himself. Smart kid.



He was so excited with each one.


Such a happy little guy!

And a reader like his sisters possibly?


Be still my heart… I love him so!

*He wasn’t the only one to have fun that day. I had my hands full, as usual, with my other littles. lol They were all super excited to celebrate his birthday with him! And it may be one persons birthday but we’re a family. Everyone gets some attention.*



And last but definitely not least, my little drama queen. For real, y’all! Check her out. lol


Till next time…

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