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Finding Rest at the end of Pregnancy


I don’t know about y’all but I am not a nap taking sort of person. I do however like to sleep at night, something I haven’t done well in I don’t know how long.

Meet our bed.


The place where magic happens.

Well, more like where I win a lot of Solitare games and discover wonderous things on Pinterest during the night while my hubby tries to sleep through his wife’s constant trips to the bathroom.

Finding rest and comfort in the last weeks of pregnancy has always been hard for me. Sleep evades me as my little one takes up more and more space in my relatively small framed body. The larger my little one grows, the more he presses on my stomach, inviting a not so welcome guest, nausea, back into my life.

My legs aching, my bladder needing to be emptied and my ligaments pulling just because I decide to roll over are all taking their toll on me and my rest. These days aren’t for the weak at heart. They are the final climb up a steep mountain, a mountain with the most beautiful view, one so worth the hike, yet so secretive that you can’t even imagine it ever being worth all the effort.

So how do we find rest and comfort as we climb up the last part of that mountain? When our bodies are exhausted and our minds are wandering. How do we find peace amidst the 24 hr exhaustion?

We can focus on the end result. That’s how. We are having a baby. A beautiful new life will be staring into our eyes soon. It’s easy to forget that during the aches and pains of pregnancy, but it is true. It’s why we’re doing what we’re doing. And it is so worth it.


Oh how that word makes me want to grab one of my favorite books and a hot cup of tea where I can jump into a new world filled with beautiful possibilities.

Rest brings peace.

Rest brings healing.

Rest brings energy.

I am an A type personality and have a get it done mentality so when it comes to finding rest I struggle.

Whether you are a stay at home mom or a working mom, we all need to rest while pregnant.

Here are a list of some things I have found that have brought me comfort and rest in these last difficult weeks. I thought I would share them with y’all. 🙂

1. My Young Living Essential Oils.

I can’t begin to tell you what a blessing my oils are to me! Seriously, I use them all the time. I diffuse them during the day and hubby diffuses them for us right before bed. Right now I’m into citrus smells…Grapefruit and Orange smell so wonderful to me. I use Grapefruit during the day and Orange at night.

Gentle Babies essential oil blend. Oh how I love thee. I use my roll on first thing in the morning below my belly button and on my collar bones. I also inhale it. It smells so good and helps me remember why I am so tired and how excited I am about our new addition growing in my womb. I will be bringing this oil to the hospital to massage on our son and I will diffuse it in his room once he’s at home. When I smell it now, I think of him. (On a side note it is also a good oil for perineal massage 😉

I spray Joy essential Oil blend around me and on me when I am starting to feel blah and that life is moving too slow or that I will be pregnant forever. That is one of my most favorite blends. It smells incredible and has been known to bring peace to one who suffers from adrenal fatigue. (like me)

At night we diffuse either Peace & Calming, Orange or Lavender. I also have a spray bottle of Lavender by the side of my bed. I use it often.

I put Thieves essential oil blend on my feet every morning and night to boost my immune system. I also carry a spray bottle of it with me when I go out. I spray it on carts, bathroom door handles, whatever I think isn’t very sanitary. I also spray it in the air often while out and breath it in deeply. My hubby makes sure it’s always full and loves the stuff as much as I do. We have both experienced its benefits.

I have a roll on of Valor essential oil blend that I put on my feet to help me sleep.

I love my oils!

If you want to know more about pure therapeutic essential oils feel free to message me.


I can’t say enough wonderful things about Magnesium. It can help you sleep and has been known to ease those pesky leg cramps pregnancy can bring. I drink CALM with Calcium twice a day. I also take Epsom and Lavender baths at least every other night. And I have some Magnesium Lotion that I apply on nights I don’t drink my CALM.

3. Reading birthing books and watching happy, uplifting birthing videos.

I’m not only preparing my body to birth my little one. I am also preparing my mind.

4. My Comfort U Pillow.

(It’s the large bulge under my pillows and sheets)

If you haven’t ever heard of this pillow I highly recommend it. The one I have now is my second one. I gave the first one away to another mama. When I got pregnant again I invested in another one. This pillow is amazing. It is literally in the shape of a giant U. You can put it everywhere you need it without having to adjust multiple pillows which can be exhausting and annoying night after night. With the comfort U I just roll over back and forth all night and have pillow where I need it. Even hubby lies on it. It’s big, yes, but I can still hold my husband’s hand and kiss his face. We’re that close.

5. My Sound Scape.

I love the peaceful sounds before bed or during the time I force myself to lie down during the day. My brain has a tendency to go a million miles per minute. My essential oils and my sound scape helps me clear my mind.

6. My fan.

I need circulated air. It may be winter still but I am largely pregnant and overheat easily.

7. Pretty bedding.

This is huge for me since I’m not a fan of being in bed as often as I need to be during pregnancy. If my bedroom is attractive to me I am more likely to enjoy being there.

8. Day Dreaming

I hate naps… like literally loathe them. There is so much I could be doing instead of resting. So when my season of rest comes I don’t typically embrace it. I get annoyed. I also get over myself, as it is very important for both the baby and I that I stop for awhile, lift my feet and allow my tired body to rest. Because I am blessed to stay at home I retreat to my bedroom during my kiddos nap time, turn on my sound scape, diffuse something delicious to the senses, snuggle with my comfort U and close my eyes forcing myself to rest.

Concentrating on breathing in and out slowly, I can feel good about giving my baby a nice boost of oxygen. This also relaxes me. I keep my eyes closed, my hand on my large belly and day dream about my little baby. If I sleep I sleep, if I don’t I’m still resting.

Even though I don’t like naps this has become one of my most cherished times of the day.

9. Sleeping propped up.

This one is hard for me. I am a tummy sleeper. This whole “sleep on your left side” thing drives me batty but I do it. I had really bad heartburn for awhile and then I stopped eating after 7 at night and drinking past 7:30 (unless it’s my CALM) I also don’t eat anything my body would have a hard time digesting.

Even with all that I still have some issues with nausea because my baby boy is posterior and so high. I sleep with my pillow on top of the comfort U. Not my favorite sleeping arrangement but totally doable since it helps me not throw up. I hate throwing up.

10. Making sure I eat a little something before bed.

The higher the protein the better. This can be a string cheese, a few almond crackers or 1/2 cup of Greek Yogurt with stevia and vanilla.

I can’t eat much but if I don’t eat I don’t rest well at all. It’s inevitable that I won’t be sleeping through the night anytime soon but that doesn’t mean that I have to allow myself to feel as bad as possible. When I eat a little something before bed I don’t have to deal with blood sugar drops. I also have crackers beside my bed in case I wake up hungry. This also makes winning Solitare easier. lol

In the end, this is just a trying time for most of us pregnant mama’s. I pray that my suggestions help anyone God leads to this post. I also pray that you find something that brings you rest and comfort as you climb the last little bit of your mountain and when you reach the top you are overwhelmed with so much love and beauty that as crazy as it sounds you would do it all over again because in the end prize is so worth it.

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