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Essential Oils for Labor, Delivery & Post Partum

It’s been a love thing the moment essential oils entered my life years ago.

This will be my 3rd essential oil pregnancy but only my 2nd L&D/post partum one. When I first started with oils years ago I didn’t know that some were possibly beneficial during labor and delivery until a nurse I had just so happened to also be a doula who was educated on the use of essential oils.

I was blessed immensely last time by my oils and I used almost all of them!

Today I’m going to share with you what essential oils I bring with me to the hospital for labor, delivery and post partum.

Here’s a list of what oils I am bringing this time and what they can be used for.

  1. Frankincense – This beauty of an oil was suggested to me by my nurse to help keep me calm and relaxed in a very traumatic labor and delivery. I put a drop on my diffuser necklace and it definitely made a difference for me. We also put a drop of Frankincense on our sons head to anoint him once he was born.
  2. Clary Sage – Used during active labor to possibly help advance labor. I used it after labor to aid in toning my uterus. Many mama’s also have found Clary Sage to have a relaxing aroma. (It is not advised to use this oil before being in active labor)
  3. Valor – Apply to feet or spine during transition for courage. Some people apply one drop divided between both babies feet to help ensure proper spine alignment.
  4. Lavender – This is a terrific oil for helping keep mama calm. Some diffuse it and some apply directly to mama’s tummy to help keep her calm during labor.
  5. Surrender – Use in labor to combat fear. (This oil smells great. I inhaled it a couple of times but ended up using Frankincense)
  6. Fennel – May apply to vitaflex points to possibly advance labor. Some women also apply this above breasts on lymph area after baby is born to help bring in milk supply. *”Caution: fennel should not be used more than 10 days as it will excessively increase flow through the urinary track”*
  7. Ylang Ylang – This is one oil I did not use and honestly I’m not a huge fan of the smell. Although I love the essential oil blend Joy which has Ylang Ylang in it. I have a history of premature labor so I didn’t end up needing this one. I have it packed anyway. Just in case this little guy decides to hang on longer than his siblings did. You never know with these babies. lol
  8. En-R-Gee – This is terrific for a nice little energy boost. Some mama’s rub along their spine during labor for energy. I like to just open the bottle and inhale off and on.
  9. Peace & Calming – This is one of my prized oil blends! As a matter of fact I have two little bottles I have been saving just for my Labor and Delivery! We diffuse two oils in my L&D room, one right after the other the entire time until our baby makes its entrance into the world. We start with Thieves and then do Peace & Calming. My room smells sooo good! EVERYONE that came in our room, doctors included, commented on how terrific our room smelled. We even had nurses that weren’t ours come in to smell our room because other nurses told them how amazing it smelled! Having a peaceful mama is super important. Having a peaceful and relaxed L&D staff is almost as important. (Did I mention that we also bring our nurses chocolate to snack on? I think they deserve a treat with all they do for us mama’s.)
  10. Gentle Baby – I LOVE this blend! I have kept some diluted with almond oil in a roller bottle for years. I started wearing it when I was pregnant but it quickly became one of mommy’s perfumes. My kiddos love it! It’s so calming to both them and to me. I apply it to my wrists and neck after I have the baby because my babies are used to smelling this as soon as their tiny noses are developed. It has also been said that some women use this to keep their baby in the birthing canal once the baby has descended. I’ve never tried that but it sounds cool.
  11. Pan Away – Help with muscle soreness during labor. Apply diluted and topically to lower back. (I’ve never tried this but I’m bringing it this time just in case)
  12. Geranium – “Geranium has a contracting effect and helps pull together dilated tissues, so it is healing for the uterus and endometrium after birth.” (Again, another one I haven’t used before. I’m bringing it this time though.) It is also said that Geranium may help increase milk supply.
  13. Myrrh – It has been used to put on the remaining umbilical cord stump area to protect from infection. (We haven’t done this before but I’m bringing this one too just in case we decide to use it)
  14. Thieves – I use this oil blend EVERY DAY! I apply it on my feet to help boost my immune system and we diffuse it often. This is the very first thing we diffuse in our Labor and Delivery room to kill germs. I have no words for how awesome this blend is!
  15. Peppermint – Some mama’s have used peppermint for nausea with success but not me. Nope. My doula had a completely different reason for me to use it and it wasn’t so glamorous but let me tell you… it worked! I was having trouble emptying my bladder so she had me inhale the peppermint oil while I sat on the bed pan. (Now you know why I was struggling with urinating. I’m a modest woman and that didn’t thrill me. My body just wouldn’t “go,” if you will.) Once I took a deep breath of peppermint it’s like my body just did what it needed to do. It was like magic! I hope you don’t need peppermint for this but it you do, I recommend trying it. It sure worked for me!

And last but definitely not least, I’m going to share with you the Oil Blend spray that has amazed me since I first tried it.

        Claraderm Spray – Can be sprayed on cuts and scrapes to aid in healing as well as a mama’s nether region after having a baby. So soothing! I love using this spray at the end of my pregnancies and after I have my babies!


So there you have it!

There’s the list of oils I’ll be taking with me to the hospital in a few weeks when I have my little guy.

If you would like to receive your Therapeutic Essential Oils 24% cheaper than retail like I do, scroll up and click on the picture of the three oils. If you need any help deciding what oils to buy, let me know and I’ll help you.

Want to learn more about Essential Oils?

I highly recommend the book, “Quick Reference Guide for Using Essential Oils,” by the Higley’s. I always take my travel companion with me to the hospital.

Are you pregnant or a Mama and looking for some good Essential Oil info for you or your baby?

I recommend the book, “Gentle Babies,” by I can’t remember her name at the moment. lol *pregnant brain*

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