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Dreamy Dark Chocolate Cake Squares (THM S) SF/GF


This THM S treat is sure to have you wondering where it’s been all your life.

I apologize about the picture quality. I took this picture with my phone which is why it isn’t the best picture. I wasn’t planning on taking a picture at all because it had been close to 3 hrs since I had eaten and I was in a hurry. 😉

And then I laid my eyes on these babies and started calling out to my kiddos to find my phone. lol

In mere seconds the fork had cake on it and was on its way to my mouth.

Sweet. Chocolate. Icing filled. Heaven on a plate….


Immediately I did what I always do when something tastes so unbelievably good. I called all my kids back into the kitchen and began having them all taste the cake squares.

Ooos and Ahhh’s and Ohhh mom… filled the air. lol

The cake recipe isn’t my recipe. It’s merely a ‘Laundry Mom’s’ Volcanic Mudslide

I cook/microwave it longer *1 min 30 sec* has worked great for me. I watch it. You’ll want it fully cooked.

(This pregnant mama can’t have rawish eggs which is how this all started.)

I simply cook the cake in a small square pyrex and cut them into 4 squares once they cool some. Then I take them out and let them cool some more. If I’m in a hurry I’ll put them in the freezer for a few minutes to rush the cooling process.

While the cake is cooling I make the icing. Or you can use some yummy Carb Smart ice cream instead and make yourself Ice Cream Sandwiches! I’ve done this too and it’s sooo good!

For the Icing

2 Tbsp

1/3 less fat cream cheese

1 Tbsp grass fed butter

1/2-2 tsp Truvia

a dash of vanilla extract

(you can use any flavor. I’ve also used Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil)

I mixed all of that and then added enough 0% fat Greek Yogurt until I got it to the consistency of icing. It didn’t take much.

This dessert is so rich that you may want to eat only one and save the other one for later. I have 5 daughters so I typically eat one and share the other.


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