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Christmas 2015 more pictures …


It’s a few weeks after Christmas and I’m just now getting around to posting real pictures. I guess that’s what happens when you’re a busy homeschooling mom.

I’m not complaining. 🙂 I hope y’all all had a really great Christmas! Ours was a really sweet one. This year we had a new family member with us, baby Joshua.


That was awesome! He alone was such a gift! It’s so surreal to think that soon we’ll be welcoming his baby brother into our family too. I just can’t tell you how that amazes me after birthing 6 girls.

Now, on to pictures.

I didn’t take as many as normal because I was out of my Plexus supplements and I wasn’t feeling as well as I had been. There are truly no words for how Plexus blesses me!


Tinsel McBiggles came back and was as silly as ever.


I love to do Night Before presents. Sadly, this year I didn’t think I was going to be able to. We were waiting on a check that never came in. Even still, God is God and He worked it out to where the girls could have NB presents. We had just come back from looking at Christmas lights. On Christmas Eve after we ate an early dinner the girls piled in our van and I stayed behind for a bit “using the rest room.” That wasn’t fishy at all, right? lol I did actually use the rr so I wasn’t lying. lol I hurridly set the presents up and Daddy came back and walked me through the icy snow to the van. I wish I could have gotten a picture of the girls faces when they walked in after our trip out. It was awesome!


Christmas morning came and it was time to open some presents. This particular one had been eyed for weeks!


Who wouldn’t want a life size German Shepherd, right? Um, me… lol My 9 year old loves German Shepherds though. And now we have a new stuffed family member who rides around in our van with us. I’m glad it holds 12 people! lol

That brings me to another new furry family member. I didn’t get any pictures of this one being opened because i  didn’t wrap her. This next one was for our 14 year old and I was trying really hard to surprise her which would have been impossible if I would have had it anywhere in my house. So, in our mini-van it stayed until Christmas evening after all the presents were opened. This mom is an author. With that being said, I know how to be sneaky aka “magical” at Christmas.

Our eldest knew that her Daddy and I had a surprise for her 9 yr old sister that night. What she didn’t know is that we had one equally as big for her.

Her own life size Boxer.

So that evening we sneakily had it waiting for her by her bed. Talk about surprised!

Now, I have to tell y’all that she really wanted this boxer. It, like my 9 year old’s German Shepherd, already had a name picked out. That puppy was wanted y’all!

Even as much as it was wanted, something even bigger was given to our daughter that day… from God. And you will see it on the picture of the boxers head. To you it will only be a little “Nemo.” To our daughter it was God telling her how much He loves her.
When she was 4 she had a little squishy Nemo that was her most favorite toy. Sadly, her cousin came to visit and popped it, leaving her really sad. For years we tried to find another one just like it with no avail.

And then….

We did. There are no words for how blessed my little girl, now not so little looked when she opened her Nemo.

No words.

Only a picture taken later. One y’all have all seen. You just didn’t know the story. And now you do.

God listens to our hearts and He cares about even the most seemingly trivial things.


The whole day was a blessing filled with love and thankfulness that a little baby boy was born to save us all from our sins. A little baby boy that would grow into a man, hang on a cross and give His life for you and me. He overcame death and sin that day. Wow. Because of Jesus I will see my parents again.

Until next time… Here are some pictures of our family’s Christmas.









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