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Can’t get your kids to eat veggies? Try this yummy drink! (THM)

Do you have a hard time getting your little ones to eat enough veggies? If you’re anything like this southern mama then the answer would be yes. Even though I try as I might I’m just not a lover of veggies and neither are my kids. We eat them but there’s no love going on there most of the time. We definitely don’t get enough fresh vegetables every day, especially during the winter months.

God revealed a recipe in my Trim Healthy Mama book to me recently. “Earth Milk,’ page 425.

I had glanced over it before while I was reading but was in no way ready to blend up some vanilla salad. O.O

When God touches your heart, He touches it my friends. And that is exactly what He recently did to mine. I prayed and He answered.

The above picture is my two year old daughter enjoying some ‘Earth Milk.’

And below is my 4, almost 5 year old drinking some. The love this stuff!


For those of you Trim Healthy Mama’s, THM’s recipe is on page 425. I recently made myself some and was shocked at how yummy it was! So of course I had my littles try some and all but one loved it! I even saw my 12 year old drinking a little before bed yesterday.

I made mine a Fuel Pull so I could drink it with whatever meal type I would be eating. When I saw how much my girls loved it I decided to make them their own S batch using a little organic sugar and stevia. As Serene stated, I didn’t use tea in theirs either. In mine I used Oolong.

Oh my… talk about happy kiddos and a happy mama! I have been praying to God to figure out how to get more vegetables into my little one year old. She was my main focus. I can tell the others to eat their vegetables and enforce it but have you ever tried making a one year old eat something they don’t like? Oy…

Then after having my Trim Healthy Mama book for almost a year God led me to the ‘Earth Milk’ recipe and BOOM … life-changing.

My one year old drinks it with great enthusiasm! 10 points for Mom!!! And even more thanks to Serene!!

If you are needing a way to get veggies into your little ones without them fighting you or gagging, this may be a blessing for you too! It has a creamy, vanilla milk flavor. I don’t quite know how it happens but it does. You can smell the greens but once you take a sip you won’t even notice. You’ll be too busy getting excited about not having to eat a salad with lunch (or dinner) everyday. That last part may just be me. lol

Oh… and one more plus! My veggie disliking hubby tasted this drink and said he could drink it everyday to get his veggies. Praise God!!!!

‘Earth Milk,” by Serene Allison. It’s kid approved and hubby approved!



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