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Camo Love… Having a baby boy


Never ever did I think I would have a son and yet here I am typing this and holding my little “Mama’s boy.”

I am so blessed!
And so in love!

Baby Joshua is 15 weeks today! These picures were taken this last week.

J.D. at 15 weeks

  1. He weighs 13 lbs even
  2. He still loves his bottles!
  3. He is talking/cooing more and more.
  4. He has found his hands. They spend a lot of time in his mouth.
  5.  He loves to smile! Hence the pictures.
  6. He is drooling a lot!
  7. He loves all the attention he gets from all his big sisters.
  8. His nick names… “Joshy, Little Man, Bubby, Buddy, Super Baby,” & more.
  9. He is starting to recognize the camera. I bring it out and he starts smiling. Go figure. lol
  10. He’s starting to rub his little eyes when tired. It’s so sweet.


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