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BIG NEWS and Family Update

It’s funny how things work out. At least in my life where God seems to like to surprise me. And man, you guys have I been surprised AGAIN.

Introducing baby #10!

Look at this sweet little thing! It seems God thought Haven would like to have a sister close in age before I stopped having babies.

This was taken a few weeks ago. I’m now almost in my second trimester and am super excited to be exiting the first trimester. I love my babies. First Trimesters, not so much. lol

And here I was thinking at almost 45 years old I was done. What’s that saying? Tell God your plans and watch Him laugh? lol Yeah, that’s me right now. This little one was a HUGE surprise. I prefer the saying that having kids keeps you young. Yeah, I like THAT one. lol So far, I still have no gray hairs. Seriously. Not one. I’m like… whatever. It’s really no big deal either way to me. hahaha I do like my natural color though.

So, other than that update, we’ve all been enjoying being back home in Idaho. The weather here has been fantastic and we have spent many a day outside. The grill has been our best friend! The kids are ecstatic to be here! There’s really no place like home.

Haven’s growing like a weed and is just too precious. I’m not posting any super cute pictures of her because, you know, there’s creepy’s out there so uh, yeah, no thanks. lol

I will however post pictures of Tyler and I. Sadly I do know we have some family that like to stalk us, “check up on us,” if you will, so that gets a little bothersome and has stopped me from sharing too much on here lately but most of my people here aren’t creepy “family.” Some are family that we choose not to talk to because they are unhealthy for us to be around. We realized that part of life and growing up was healing. When you start that journey, it’s possible that your eyes are opened to just how toxic certain people have been in your life. Family included. Anywho, lol Here we are. Almost 21 years of marriage.

Tyler and I are busy as usual. I’m over here homeschooling and making babies and he’s working his tail off. Life is good. Kaden, as you can see, is super happy about life and about having another baby sister coming.

One of our family’s newest endeavors that we’ve really enjoyed is becoming millenites. That means that we mill our grain and make our own flour. We’ve learned a lot as to just how nutritious it is for you. And my goodness, is it delicious! The kids and I have had fun making all kinds of things.

Banana bread, muffins, regular bread, hamburger buns, cookies and more. We are milling fools! lol

So other than the fact that I gained about 10 lbs the first trimester because I only wanted comfort foods, (warm fresh bread out of the oven and grass fed butter anyone? lol,) there’s not much more to report.

I have been tossing around the idea of deleting this website and creating a completely new one so that said creepy stalker family members we aren’t fond of won’t know where to find me fully. Some I don’t care about. Some need to get a life. Insert smiley face.

Do you have creepy, nosy family members too? If so, I’m sorry. May they all find new hobbies. hahaha

Until next time…


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  • Esther June 30, 2021, 2:13 pm

    God bless your family! I have 10 kiddos as well!

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