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Back to School at the Quinn House!


I’ve been homeschooling for 10+ years now.

And I still love it!

How can I not?

Not only am I able to spend more time with my precious children but I am also blessed to watch them grow and learn.

I get to be involved and it’s awesome!

In my experience I have found that when a homeschooling family really is schooling their children then so many blessing abound, blessings noticeable by all.

I’ve had numerous friends come over to the homeschool side of life after being around my kids and taking a look into my life, how I do things, and what curriculum I use. After seeing what a huge blessing my husband and I schooling our children at home has been on my children’s education as well as our family life and our children as a whole it hasn’t been uncommon for my fellow mama’s to take the plunge, many even bringing their friends along for the ride with their own children. 🙂


A  couple of common questions I’m asked…

“So how do you homeschool?”

“What Curriculum do you use?”

There are so many different ways to homeschool and after all these these years I’ve done a lot of them. I’ve done the uber strict Accredited Schools expensive pre packaged curriculum where I wrote a detailed lesson plan weekly with their help. We would start schooling early in the morning until mid afternoon and I would send the tests off to a teacher from the actual school to grade them. I’ve done full Curriculum’s from unaccredited schools and used the more laxed approach of schooling off and on throughout the day and I’ve also put together my own “Curriculum.” After doing them all I believe that in my case each way was right for that particular season of our life. If I was schooling in a more relaxed style it was because our life demanded it and you know what? My kids not only thrived but they surpassed the learning I thought they would have done if I would have had them on a strict schedule. Wow! During a couple of those seasons, during moves and new babies, we would school off and on each day. Sometimes they would even continue school after dinner.

I am going to share a secret with you….

In my experience I have found that if children enjoy what they’re doing they don’t consider it work.

Let that last sentence sink in…and now you’ll have an inside look into why homeschooling, if done right, can be not only a blessing but quite literally a pot of gold in terms of education. I could talk so much about homeschool but that’s not what this post is about. This post is about where we are this year in our homeschooling journey. Because of the season of life we’re going to be in next year. (moving to a new state) we’ve had to switch a few things up. So where are we now?


One of the great things about the state of Idaho is their homeschooling laws. Here we are free to homeschool the hours and times we want. Parents are totally responsible for the children’s education. This had enabled my family to school from Spring-Spring. Yep, we typically school year round. Believe it or not my kids would choose this. Not only do they not forget what they learned before summer, but this also enables us to take a day off here and there throughout the year.  The main reason we started schooling in Spring years ago was money. Buying Curriculum’s for multiple children can be really pricey so we would use our Income Tax return. Smart, eh. 🙂

Fast forward to our family and the year 2017.


Each state has different laws and the new state we’re moving to has way stricter laws than Idaho. Because of that we had to adjust some things. In order to be in line with that state we had to work a little harder to finish our year early. I’m happy to say that my children pulled it off with flying colors. Phew.. lol

So are you following me? They just had to work really hard to finish a year they would normally have more months to finish and now we’re having to start their next school year early so that when we move we will be in sync with that states laws.


Want to see how they handled this?

Meet one of my daughters…


Can you see the smile on her face as she looks over one of her new school books we just got in?

This little one is entering 2nd grade this year and she is excited!


Instead of freaking out that she had to work harder to finish her year only to start a new one right after with no break she is ecstatic!



For real you can’t fake excitement like that y’all.

So, here we are… still in a weird season of life but growing, growing, growing.

2017 is coming and we’re getting ready!

Till next time- K

*For those of you questioning what Curriculum we’re using currently… Due to my children having to do school while moving across the country next Spring we have chosen Lifepac by Alpha Omega due to their easy booklets. In a time of stress (like a cross country move) children can feel very accomplished as they finish each of the 10 work books per subject. I have found that it keeps them excited and wanting to do more. We are using “Teaching Textbooks” for Math for our 4th and 10th grader. Our 2nd grader will be using her Lifepac Math but only because Teaching Textbooks doesn’t offer 2nd grade as of right now. Next year we plan on using a different Curriculum (Math will stay the same) as I do not feel that LifePac covers all I would want it to, although it is doable. I typically add whatever I think it’s missing. For this season though I think Lifepac is perfect*


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  • Cathy Tauzin September 10, 2016, 3:21 pm

    I love that excitement! <3 And homeschooling is DEFINITELY the best choice, for a wide variety of reasons, especially for the learning accomplishment of your children and for the continued and growing closeness of families! <3

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